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Black Rat Challenge

20/05/2018 - Bristol - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 86.2% based on 132 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 43.333%


I've ridden around 20 sportives and only got lost on
2 occassions. Both have been on this event over the last 2 years. There were large groups unclear about the route.Ok so last year they were sabotaged and the weather was unkind so gave them another go this year. There were Missing signs again and unclear signs if you dont know the area. I only remember 1 marshal on route. Wasn't given
a route card. The 2nd feedstop had no energy drink although well stocked with food and gels, and was 2 far from the first. So I'm sure they will promise to sort out the problems again next year but I don't think I will make the journey which is
a shame because it's a beautiful area and the organisers were friendly. It's just wasn't up to scratch.

Rated Event: 96.667%

DavidWhite wrote:

A really good event. Everyone helpful and friendly and organisation superbe even to the point of changing the course in the final week due to pot holes and events held by others that would detract from ours. A few hiccups at the end with power issues had the organisers kept busy til the end. Nothing is perfect in this world, it's the way you deal with it that makes the difference. Well done.

Rated Event: 24.444%

Richy2704 wrote:

A great route that was ruined by some poor planning a bad luck, the signs were all removed and big groups of riders were left wondering the course, there was also another cycling event held the same day and the signs they used were nearly the same, there were also route changes due to big sections having road works and the facilities at the start/finish section were the worst to date, 1 toilet and no changing facilities, no medal either a bottle opener and a bottle of cider but no tankard available to buy as advertised either, will not do it again......well maybe i will because the cheddar gorge section was actually fantastic.

Rated Event: 80.000%


Really enjoyed the event, challenging route and well organised. As the other review has alluded to, the signage was poor, owing not only to extreame wind conditions, but, although not confirmed, some low lifes who decided to go round ripping the signs down. Having done the event in 2010, I can say that the signage on that occasion was perfect. Also props must be given to the organisers who were rushing around the course trying to re-sign ASAP. Definitely do it again next year.

Rated Event: 64.380%


Firstly the staff were friendly and efficient. Shame the timing system seemed "old hat" when newer styles are on offer. The route in itself is quite testing.
However the bad points: Signage- abyssmal too many people will have taken wrong turns. Signs put out were flimsy in that overnight they had been blown away/destroyed by the wind. Some had been taken down deliberately. No route map card given to assist you. The map on the website is not detailed enough. Too many signs were not prominent enough.
Course - Although advised of a re tarmac section little or no notification at the area and we approached at 28mph + to hit a base layer of the road. Not good with a redirection not signed well. Also towards the end another charity ride was being run with similar signage that caused confusion especially if you had taken a wrong turn because the signage was not prominent.
As I got to the top of Cheddar Gorge on the homeward leg I approached the crossroads and found a number of later starters coming down my road to go down the Gorge the wrong way.
Some roads were "intersting" in terrain and will have caused punctures.
Goody bag lacked imagination- Bottle of cider, bottle opener and a mini drinks bottle
Food at the end- First time I had to pay for something after 100kms.
Facilities- Good venue as the school grounds were ample.
All in all it is not a bad event. It was hampered by the wind conditions on the day but next time signage will need to be bettter thought out, as most people will say was awful.

Since writing this I now see the timings publshed. There is no way I did the ride in 3 hours 17 minutes. My GPS said 3 hours 51 minutes that is about right. Another thing that was wrong.

It is an event I would do again though because the route is pretty good.

Rated Event: 74.370%


Rated Event: 77.700%

Hosser wrote:

Generally really good. Though not as well organised as the Wiggle events. Could do with more signposts and reassurance. Plus bike wash facilities would have been good. But was otherwise it was still very well organised with loads of food to eat at the feed stations. Nice route also.

Rated Event: 94.350%


Rated Event: 62.160%


Rated Event: 74.370%


Rated Event: 82.140%


Generally good though a couple of unnecessary and painful hills in the last 20 miles - wrington and then the climb up from walton in gordano - first time we had the wind behind us and then another hill!
Well organised and excellent feedstops - really unlucky with the weather was beautiful day before and after.

Rated Event: 74.370%

TPA wrote:

nice event, great location, unlucky with weather

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