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Iron Ride

20/09/2015 - Errol Airfield, Perth - Sportive

Rating: 96.7% based on 1 review - Rate this Event Now

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Rated Event: 96.7%

JonathanPlant1 wrote:

For a first Sportive signage and marshalling were excellent. Food stations were well stocked. Overall a superb start. A big thank you. Much appreciated and I hope to ride the event next year. All three distances are very hilly, so even the shortest course of 80km would be a challenge. As it was, the event attracted the likes of the hard core head banging club cyclist, the long 180km course being by far the most popular. As is the danger with a great many sportives nowadays, they do very little to promote cycling, effectively preaching to the already converted. That's all well and good but in addition I'd look at providing something for those new to cycling or at least new to this type of event. We are not all Bradley Wiggins!

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