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6 out of 10
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Surrey Hills Cyclone Sportive

21/04/2013 - Epsom race course, Epsom - Sportive

Rating: 86.9% based on 4 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 88.9%


Good Route, Signage seemed to vary against the Garmin map in a couple of areas. Last foodstop too close to the finish - presumably to accommodate the short course riders. Great weather was a boost!!

Rated Event: 74.4%

mbr4dy wrote:

Good event - well signed and with great friendly people but....the last 20k which took us on to the race track which is the A25 were dangerous. It seems a convoluted way to get that third killer climb in. The last climb up Pebblehill was also quite dangerous due to the traffic snarl up which was in turn caused by riders stopping for breath on a narrow laned road. Took the shine off the ride after a great 110k in the leafy lanes of Surrey.
Also, I would have hoped for £30 to have been provided with a (free ?) coffee at the start and finish with a sandwich at the end rather than a "goody" bag with yet another bottle and yet another medal. UKCE could take note of sportives arranged by the local cycling clubs e.g. SWRC May Flyer, Essex Roads Spring Lambs who have good signage and food for £10 less and no medal/goody bag. Back to basics, UKCE perhaps ?

Rated Event: 90.0%


A really well organised event as usual with UKCE. I couldn't download the GPS route to my Garmin for some reason (probably user error) but the map was clear and signposting en route is first rate. With arrows also painted on the road at key junctions (presumably the actions in the New Forest have led to this) it was almost impossible to get lost anyway. Sign in was a breeze, timing simple & the route largely on quiet roads taking in the scenic Surrey Hills. There was one section from Dorking to Brockham on the main road, but if you rode sensibly and defensively it wasn't a problem, maybe a concern for anyone not used to it though. Very hilly and a real tester for the legs, but you can't complain having been given the profile in advance. Was a bit surprised we went up Pebble Hill which is a busy road at the best of times & car drivers were bound to get frustrated with some having to dismount for the steeper sections, though having come down Lodge Bottom Road on the way out, it was probably the only choice if avoiding Box Hill (presumably due to the cost). Well organised & run in a great atmosphere - did you lay the weather on too? Add to that meeting Chris Boardman & it was a fantastic event!

Rated Event: 94.4%

Herbie wrote:

Another great event and the organisation just goes from strength to strength with excellent HQ, signage and all facilities.

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