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6 out of 10
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23/06/2013 - BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX - Sportive

Rating: 83.2% based on 13 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 97.8%

PhilPage wrote:

Absolutely brilliant event yet again, recommend 2 friends to do it and they thoroughly enjoyed it as well, route was challenging but also very good and foodstations were again adequately stocked, people were friendly both riding and signing on and definitely considering signing up for the event in August :-)

Rated Event: 90.0%

MarcVigar wrote:

Very good course, good mix of climbs and exciting descents on the first half, followed by great undulating curves on the second half. This was my longest ride by a factor of +40 miles and I really enjoyed the second 40! Was a very windy day, but most of the wind was blocked by the hedges etc around the country lanes.
I was part of a group which came across a horse which was spooked by riders, the group waited patiantly until the horse had calmed down and then passed carefully.

Rated Event: 94.4%

JonathanMasters wrote:

A brilliant event well organised thoroughly enjoyed it

Rated Event: 100.0%

sussexdenny wrote:

I usually find filling out these rating forms tedious and the overall ratings somewhat unrealistic, but after seeing some of the poor comments about this event, I felt the urge to express my opinion.
What a fantastic change to start off from a shopping precinct and pretty awesome lining up with hundreds of other cyclists at the start. Also, a brilliant way to liven up a town on a Sunday morning.
As I live and work in London, I love these Sussex events in the countryside, with outstanding scenery, and quiet roads. I take my hat off (or should that be helmet), to the organisers for the great signage, which proved impossible to get lost, which makes me wonder about some of the earlier comments made here.
I did this years Springtime Classic organised by SRS Events, which was an excellent event with over 800 riders, and it's great to see people supporting this new event in great numbers.
This is my fifth year of taking part in SRS Events sportives, and I have done numerous events by other organisations, including continental sportives, and I have to say that the events run by SRS Events, are really special, and show attention to detail that surpass the organisational skills of other events.
Most importantly feed stations were great and the route was very well put together
I have always found SRS Events signing on process on the day of the event to be fast. It was imperative due to the fact that the signing on was in a smaller hall, that things ran smoothly, which they did. The signing on process was fast, and getting a very useful Continental inner tube at the start, was another brilliant added bonus, which came in very handy.

Definitely hope this event runs again.

Well done to all involved with the running of this excellent sportive.

I look forward to The Rumble in August.

Rated Event: 55.6%

DaveEllis wrote:

This was actually my very first sportive as a beginner to cycling earlier in the year. I booked this one along with the Haywards Heath Howler later in the year so it will be interesting to compare that with this.

Organisation wise it seemed lacking. There was no real co-ordination or instruction and there was a complete lack of marshalling on the course. Like some other reviews the signage was also pretty ropey. A couple of quick descents had sharpish corners on which should have been marked by the signage crew. I saw where the incident with the gravel road had spilled several had happened and it should have been better marked. I nearly got caught out myself on the descent to Weir Wood reservoir and would have come a cropper if anything had been coming up the hill!

As for the feed stations, I stopped at Ardingly and West Chiltington. I was also underwhelmed. By the pictures it seems like the Forest Row one was somewhat better stocked than the others. The mix of offerings was fairly poor and I mostly relied on my own supplies. Not something you should really be doing after laying out an entrance fee. I don't think I have ever tasted such over diluted energy drink either!

Overall, I'm not sure whether I will try another SRS event....but I will have a think when I've done the Wiggle event. I'm also going to try the Sussex Hillier Audax (which I believe has heavily "inspired" the route for this sportive) and see how that fares.

Rated Event: 72.2%

DionneCurrie wrote:

Firstly i would like to say i enjoyed the route which included some great climbs which i enjoyed (i think). I have competed in a number of sportives and felt this one lacked where other sportives have excelled, there were a number of places that i felt a marshall should have been present (i didnt see one marshall), the signage for some of the descents was lacking in particular one descent involved a crash at the bottom due to a tight bend and debris on the road that being stones and grit, fortunately the rider was ok and continued with just a brush down. The feed stations were very poor, no gels and cheap supermarket food which did not tempt me. Having paid £30 i thought the quality could have been a little better. I will only enter this event in the future if improvements are made.

Rated Event: 91.1%

Terence Harkin wrote:

A well planned route through some beautiful countryside. A wide range of participants and a good number participants suggests the event was well publicised and entered with confidence by people new to sportifs.
Three options for the route distance also ensured the event catered for all levels of fitness.

Rated Event: 78.9%

AndyBoyce wrote:

Feed stations were not up to standards of other Sportves, no gels or energy bars, just cheap supermarket flapjacks etc.
Mechanic at Forest Row didn't have any grease or lube which you would have thought to be the first thing in his tool box.
Event was very well organised, signing was good and the route was excellent.

Rated Event: 100.0%

MarkTomlinson wrote:

Just a great ride!

Rated Event: 100.0%

PatNeill wrote:

Very enjoyable and well organised as usual.

Rated Event: 45.6%


Poor star organisation staff did not know what was going on or even when we were due to start.
Not vey good starting straight into a drop off the pavement onto the road again causing rider problems.

Riders all over the place riding the wrong way in one way streets.

Riders all over the road outside the hall.

Should have had better energy foods/ gels at the feed stations.

Very poor quality food bag at the end which was thrown away, a squashed roll, cheap crisps and a lollipop! The cup of tea was good though. Overall very poor quality and not value for money. You should have a look at the Wiggle events they are far better organised and much better value for money.

The overal quality and value of the event was very poor and has gone down since I last took part in a Burgess Hill event which was a few years ago, due to this I will not enter anymore as I feel my money was wasted.

Question 5 was scored low as I never saw a support wagon or rider on the road during the whole event.

Rated Event: 73.3%

KarlWidmer wrote:

Very good sportive. Only disappointing thing was because I did not know the area at all the Feed Stations signage needed identification of what village they were in so that you could identify where you were meant to stop for midway timings. Hence, I missed my halfway stop and could not refill with water. However, just a minor problem as it was a very cleverly designed course without any major stops. Most stops were because of the large amount of horses on the roads.

Rated Event: 83.3%

rebellnic wrote:

Well organised venue but starting in a shopping precinct was a first for me! Also first time I'd experienced the timing chips on a lanyard. Worked well for spacing the start in terms of clicking out. Don't usually stop at feed stations but had to stop at least for one to get timing chip clicked. Still no results posted 24hrs after event? Facilities for the feed stops excellent although first two very close together if doing the classic (and intending to stop). Route good, couple of sketchy lanes and one or two short stretches on fast roads but otherwise very quite. Weather kinder than it could have been and would be great to ride on a clear day so will just have to do again.

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