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7 out of 10
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Wiggle Cheshire Cat 2014

23/03/2014 - Crewe, Cheshire - Sportive

Rating: 70.7% based on 3 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 71.4% based on 130 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 89.910%


Really enjoyed it. great fun. only got lost once adding 3 miles

Rated Event: 86.580%

idw wrote:

Cracking route, good facilities at feed stops + HQ, enjoyable days riding.

Rated Event: 85.470%


Great day -really enjoyed it !

Rated Event: 91.020%


Stunning day. Very friendly marshals and sign on staff. I turned up on Saturday and the ratio of sign on staff to riders was about 3-1. The Saturday sign-on is I think a bit plus for people who either a) have travelled a very long way and therefore arrived the day before or b) live local (ish) like me about 10 miles away and I made a bit of a detour Saturday afernoon on my way home from a local time trial.

Roads used were some of the best in the area.

Mow Cop creating mayhem as expected I was laughing most most of the way up it but then again I knew what to expect as it features regularly in local club hill climbs.

Food stops were great. The sausage rolls were a very welcome change from the sweet stuff. Would suggest perhaps stuff like crisps (salt & vinegar - yum) especially on the longer route feed stations.

Definitely coming back :-)

Rated Event: 66.600%


This is me second year of entering and this years course was much tougher, but still great, and what fantastic weather again. My issues with the event are the food stops the one i stopped at only had bananas and jam doughnuts bit poor, and why no food at the finish area 1200 hungry cyclist someones missing a trick somewhere. Come on Kiltogo bit less slick on the web and PR flyers and get the basics right first.

Rated Event: 76.590%


Rated Event: 68.820%


Overall enjoyed the event. Good route, signage better than last year as I didn't get lost, however was doing the 102 mile anyway but never saw turn off for 66 mile route though. Feed stations a bit disappointing, lack of choice, sausage rolls too big, last years bite size better idea, and doughnuts just before Mow Cop! Goody bag a let down and the biggest disappointment was absolutely no food or a cup of tea at the finish just a plastic cup of squash! Results afterwards poor as obvious errors in times for 102 mile route meant you never could be sure where you finished. It is worth doing but not sure if I will go back for a 3rd time. Next event Forest of Dean Spring Classic, last year this was good with marquees, pasta parties night before hot food afterwards, good feed stations, you felt like your money had been spent somewhere.

Rated Event: 69.930%


Set off with Steve C and a good group, shame that out of 30 or so riders in our bunch only 6 or 7 of us were doing any work! Great first 50 miles or so, then I conserved some energy for the hills.

It's amazing how many people missed the signage in Middlewich for the 66 miles route, by the time I realised I was already 10 miles on and decided to carry on for the full distance which I had originally entered anyway. Good job the weather was so kind.

The feedstops were no more than adequate and the food at the finish was non existant. For the money, this needs improving. I'm quite happy to pay for something on the day if need be rather than go back to the car to eat the sandwiches I packed the night before.

Rated Event: 74.370%


minor moan, thought the type of food choice at the stops was poor, sausage and swiss rolls at 3rd stop?? since when are they energy foods. fantastic ride great scenery, very friendly, did it last year, this year and will do it next year all being well. thanks to kilotogo all in all great job well worth the entry fee

Rated Event: 71.040%


Enjoyed ride very much, even better than last year, however food at feed stations was dissapointing- swiss roll and apple pies !!! I really needed something savoury after about three litres of sweet energy drinks. Very dissapointed after queueing for 20 mins after ride to be told no tea, will be another 10 mins. Toilet facilitiles at leisure centre not adequate for 1600 riders.

Rated Event: 41.070%


Where to begin?.... Weather was lovely.. that's the positives out of the way!!
1. Second year running, lost due to bad signage near the end... poor !
2. Feed stations , catering by Ian Beal! absolute garbage, out of date gels (Nasty)
3. Marshals???
4. Mow Cop medal wasn't even "real gold" not impressed as it was bloody hard work!
5. After 6 hours of hard riding what do I get... "no Tea left".... "No food left" good job I had my car nearby stocked up.
6. Goody bag!!!! stretching it a bit.... a Kilotogo Buff and some paper!
7. Not doing it again .....£28 is a disgrace! I'm on the Polka Dot in June which gives £20 to Cristies Hospital ,now that's money well spent!
8. And how can you tell how you did against your fellow competitors.... I mean riders in a strictly "none competitive way of course" when loads of entrants to the 102 bailed but got a time.
I'm local so not had to travel far but the people deserve better !!! in a word SUCKED!!!!

Rated Event: 75.480%

Lee C wrote:

Its difficult for me to comment on the foodstops as i am currently in the habit of carrying my own energy food and 2 litres of water/energy drink that said they did have high five and bananas and i helped myself to one of these. I would have greatly appreciated a route card for the course. My issue with the timing chip is over the fact that to mount it downwards as instructed caused it to bow outward to the point where it looked like it would snap, is there another form of mounting?
Despite my above comments it was a beutiful course and i would strongly recommend participation to anyone. I am however relieved that the weather was as good as it was.

Rated Event: 87.690%


feed stops could of been better. also no food at end.

Rated Event: 33.300%


The saving grace for this event was the scenery and the weather. Pretty much everything that the organisers had no control over. The food situation was diabolical.... out of date gels as the freebie..... and not a sausage in sight back at the HQ after 105 miles!! What did we pay our 28 for I ask you? Someone somewhere is making a tasty profit... they clearly didn't think about eating inot the profits by providing extra signage or marshalls. I lost my way for the second year in a row in the last 10 miles. The least we could have had would be a warning sign followed by a sign on the junction followed by a confirmatory sign, and better still, a few floating marshals to confirm the way. Overpriced does not come close. Good job it's just a training ride and those hills were so enjoyable. Might do it next year, but I certainly wouldn't pay for the privilege - what's the point?

Rated Event: 65.490%


A fantastic event,course-signage and feed stations all much improved?!.My problem despite, telling a marshall/s of our intention to change route to 102,and succesfully completing the course,both me and wife find ourselves logged on to 66 mile option,despite going over place mats at all 3 feed stations,and informing marshall at end of course,who actually changed my info right in front of my eyes!!!,to show on the screen in hall,so why not on the result sheet???.Very disapointed,because it detracts from what for us was a great event;why the fancy equipment if not reliable?

Rated Event: 88.800%


First sportive. Just did the 37 miler to "break myself in". Thoroughly enjoyed it! What a thrill riding in the pack, just wish I'd done the 66 miler now. Can't wait for next year.

Rated Event: 82.140%


Very enjoyable. Only thing was the sugary foods and sausage rolls at feedstops. would have been nice for some food at end to go with cup of tea, even if had to buy it.

cant complain about anything else. all signage was good and visible in my opinion and everyone seemed to enjoy it that i rode with.

Rated Event: 59.940%


Only my 4th Sportif ride. Course was good fast first half then some testing hills. Signage could have been better got lost with a whole group of riders quite early on because nobody saw a turn sign! Food at the end was very poor that was the biggest down side. Queued up and then discovered there was no tea or hot food! Might ride it again as a good early season ride

Rated Event: 87.690%


It was a very good event that by in large well organised. The weather was fantastic, all be it a cold start hence decided to start closer to 10:00 for 102 mile route. What left me feeling frustrated was the badly spacing of the feed stations. I was in good shape throughout the ride till I ran out of water 10 mile from second feed station having stopped at the first. 50 miles between the two is not good. I paid for this in the last 20-miles, which cost me 20-30 minutes. A 3rd timing mat would be nice so we can differentiate between those who curtailed there route down to 66 mile route as both routes share the feed station/timing mats.

Rated Event: 51.060%


Thought the signing on and administration was well organised and the course was fantastic however:

Timing system and results are a joke - I flogged myself around the course and now I can't find get a ranking position as it its obvious that many riders who signed on for the 102 mile route decided to do the shorter route. Timing system should have been designed to detect this. I know it's not a race etc......

Signs were better than last year but can still be improved. The formula is simple - warning sign before the turn, sign at the turn and confirmatory sign 100m after the turn.

Was all the food at the feed stops taken out of the packaging because it was out of date? Certainly tasted like it. Did anyone else notice that the 'free' gels at signing on were out of date? - Bit cheeky that if you ask me!

I won't be riding next year, instead I'll be setting up a hog roast stand or hiring a burger van and make a killing outside the sports centre, kilotogo could have easily increased their profit margins by doing the same. £28 - ask yourself exactly where you think this was spent because I have absolutely no idea .....sorry must have been the goody bag full of marketing materials; my mistake.

Anyway rant over, I feel much better now!

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