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Sportive St Andrews

24/08/2014 - St Andrews, Scotland - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 58.3% based on 9 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 53.333%

albertewan wrote:

So many things seemed to go wrong in the organisation. It was too easy to go off course-arrows stolen or missing. The course itself proved to be the star. With outstanding beauty and unique and varied vistas. Goody bag was actually a drinks bottle with some tablets. Think it could be equal to the high standard set throughout the UK-. Photographers are equal to the best though. Event followers had little to keep them interested. Didn't bother with drinks/feeds after first water stop. The Virgin Money Cyclone caters for 10 times the people at the same price and with ease. The goody bag is bursting. Maybe needs a bigger sponsor?

Rated Event: 33.333%

FergusDargie wrote:

Very poorly signposted. No direction at all from car park resulting in many riders going off course imediatly, directed a 2 nd time down loop by marshal ( wrongly) , no sign or direction at Strathkinness ( climb or village) . When an official was notified there was no signage at circle outside StAndrews on 1st loop the reply was "we know" , etc etc etc. really spoiled our club outing and times.
It would perhaps be advantageous for the organiser to attend a few cycling events run by others to see the standard of organisation .

Rated Event: 53.333%

MikeM wrote:

Possibly the worst Sportive I have ever been on. I know it was their first year but it was a real disappointment for our little group of riders. The registration process was chaotic, even though we had pre-registered via the net. We still had to suffer two long queues, that ran parallel to each other. The signing for the 80 mile route was really poor and resulted in us (and many other riders we came across) taking wrong turns or missing turns we should have taken. We ended up doing 85 miles on the 80 mile route! There didn't seem to be many doing the longer route and by the time we got back there was no food left and no goodie bags either. There didn't seem to be too many organisers about either. Having said all that the scenery was pretty good at times and although there were no terror hills there was plenty of climbing. All in all though we headed home to Edinburgh feeling really hard done by. We shan't be returning for 2013.

Rated Event: 87.778%

SandraKing wrote:

This was my 1'st Sportive and was practically on my doorstep, my Husband has done plenty of them so we did the 65m route together. The weather was fab, the routes and scenery were just breathtaking, It was a tough route but satisfying to finish it. We're back again next year & bringing a few friends with us. & when you realise this was the 1'st sportive these guys had organised & hubby said with the exception of the Etape, this had the best vibe & feel & to cap it off when the wonderfull cake ran out, the organisers made two trips to the local Morissons to get more, that's dedication, so with a few more marshals quicker registration and more cake this will be one of the best Sportives of the year.

Rated Event: 60.000%

Allan Dickson wrote:

Have done a few sportives and this one has to be the most problematic. The website bigged it up and I was expecting something along the lines of Sportive Kinross. I know that signs can go missing and that's something you have to live with but people on the ground at important junctions early would help greatly. Can't comment on feed stations as first one was not open and missed second one due to bad signage. Just as well I was carrying enough to see me through. Was also disappointing in the photography throughout the day, there could have been a bit more on the ground. On the plus side it was a lovely day through spectacular countryside. Hope that lessons learned and advice sought for next year as I have signed up again.

Rated Event: 44.444%

Neil wrote:

I've just done a couple of very well organised Sportives and was looking for another so signed on for this. What a shock! However, before I start, I wish them well for the future - this was their first attempt at organising a sportive.

Signage was really bad. Loads of people got lost near the start. I don't know about later on for other riders but I know I got lost 2 more times, and at other junctions I just guessed the right route as I know my way around Fife fairly well.

Meant to be a feed station at Newburgh. No feed stations and absolutely no signs at a major junction on the route.

Where were the marshalls? I saw one near the start (when we were lost we came to a marshalled junction), and I saw some near the end.

Electronic timing a great thing but completely redundant if signage is so bad that everybody takes slightly different routes.

All in all it felt like a training ride as I hardly saw a soul.

Finally, if you have a choice of 3 routes surely the long one should be difficult. Should be 100 miles or maybe a bit more, with loads of climbing. People looking for a challenge can do that one, and those not wanting to push it can do the other 2 routes.

Rated Event: 61.111%


Have to agree with Turnip. I know it was their first time and glad that they are keen to organise and promote an event close to my home, so don't want to seem harsh. Please take these as pointers for next year. Route and weather were good, but....
Registration wasn't the best, why can other events do this better without the queues?
Signage on the routes was poor. I know the area and the route and so didn't need the map, just as well.
No feed station at Newburgh is a big no no, especially on a hot day.
Food at the end - need more than a couple of tray bakes and water. Would have loved some proper food and a coffee - even if I had to pay for it. Every other event manage to provide this?
Although the start / finish was based at the school we were outside to sign on and at the end - a wee seat after 80 miles would have been nice, use the Assembly Hall next time?
Don't mind myself but a wee memento / certificate to say you'd finished would have been nice - especially as a fair few folks seemed to be doing their first event.
Appreciate everyone's time and efforts in organising and helping out and I'm sure with some tweaking will make it even better next year.

Rated Event: 87.778%

MrRobertson wrote:

I'll disagree with the previous comments on this sportive, the routes were fantastic Scenery was breathtaking a little more planning on the signage, perhaps colour coded per route ? the cake at the end, I've never been given a gluten free cake on a sportive & I've done a few ! The novice riders doing their 1'st Sportives had ear to ear grins. It seems there was bunch of folk who turned up hadn't looked at the routes properly, ignored our entry e-mails about paperwork and e-mailing in forms & moaned about signing on & taking the British Cycling Insurance, everybody I spoke to was buzzing and coming back for more oh and free parking and showers, yes showers, when did you last get that on a Sportive ! 2013 here we come again.

Rated Event: 43.333%


Superbly scenic route (apart from too many major road crossings) and great weather - sadly that's about where the good points end. Whilst I appreciate this is the organisers first event and mistakes can be made some are unforgivable. I have done many Sportives but none quite so badly organised. Poor entry procedure - having to fill out paperwork twice and then having to queue on the day to fill out more paperwork then join another queue to get a number wasted a good 20 minutes or more. Even before this we were emailed to say that if it rained heavily on the day no one would be allowed to do the 80 miler - I understand H & S but the weather is part of the challenge - remember last years Whitton? Paper numbers that had to be safety pinned onto jerseys - which now has holes in it, very poor route signage - many people turned right onto the shorter route about 5 miles in which cut 4 or 5 miles off (though they will still get a full 80 mile time) and others ended up on the 80 mile route after missing the turn for the 65 later on - which would certainly put novices off this type of event, many junctions with no signs/marshalls at all so easy to get lost - as many did - no first feed station at about 40 miles so you had to go onto the 65 mile one without water - absolutely unforgiveable and being told "there's a Co-op down the road" is not acceptable, and the second station was easy to miss too. There are plenty of other comments but I have already spoken to the Organiser. Apologies if this sounds like a rant but many others that were there on the long route I am sure will agree with the points I've raised.

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