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Wiggle Super Series - Wight Ferry Sportive

24/07/2011 - New Forest / Isle of Wight - Sportive

Rating: 93.6% based on 18 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 93.3%


Great ride great event and different. Will be back for the weekend next year

Rated Event: 98.9%


Excellent event, very well organised

Rated Event: 98.9%

cheese58chat wrote:

A fantastic day out, good weather and a challenging Epic ride without being beyond the average rider. Great organisation and all the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. Loved the ice cream at the end and welcomed the 30 minute rest on the ferry on the way back. Scenery was wonderful and the route was well thought out giving a balance of challenging climbs, a nice flat, quick first leg and a reasonably relaxed last leg. The feed stops were well stocked, well placed and well staffed, the local knowledge at the last one was particularly appreciated. If you have never done a long one do this one!

Rated Event: 90.0%

LiquiGaz wrote:

Interesting! My second ever sportive proved to be quite a sizeable step up. I enjoyed the 56 miler through the New Forest in Spring so much, I decided to stick with some familiarity and stretch it to 66 miles by taking in the IOW. The weather, camaraderie and scenery were all you could hope for; but the signage on the island wasn't as good as on the mainland. This nearly led to some missed turns (I later heard that many people DID go the wrong way) and some emergency braking for a couple of unannounced right turns on blind, downhill bends! There were far too many hills for my liking; whoever described the IOW as mostly flat was lying! Cramp ensued, which for me personally, put the event way past "challenge" and firmly at the "ordeal" end of the enjoyment spectrum, but all in all, it was another Wonderful Wiggle event. Thanks to all concerned, I'll be back. I shall choose my 3rd sportive carefully though! ;-)

Rated Event: 95.6%


Fantastic day, friendly and helpful marshals, well organised. A very big thank you to all.

Rated Event: 82.2%


Don't understand the results as it seems many people chose to divert onto shorter sections of the course on one or more of the legs and there's no way of knowing if they completed the full Epic course or not. I.E. big discrepancies between start to ferry and then ferry to finish times suggesting people chose the shorter course for the last leg. My first leg 44:45 and last leg 50:19. Some riders show 48:XX and 27:xx! and still get a Gold classement. Fair play if you want to change but not fair to get a higher finish than earned.

Rated Event: 94.4%

justinlove wrote:

An interesting sportive of three distinct parts seperated by trips on the Is.Wight ferry. I'm in two minds about this one. The ferry crossing was fun but I also found that my legs began to stiffen up when I really wanted to be pushing home on the bike. Despite the stiffness this was an enjoyable ride and it's got to be said well organised and executed on the day. I particularly liked the sea views from the south coast with the rolling chalk hills and westerly winds providing a reasonable challenge to my estimated time of arrival at the Ferry Port. I would do this again - the time on the ferry was spent talking to other riders which gave an almost 'club run' feel to it.

Rated Event: 93.3%

wheeldon wrote:

Well organised and challenging

Rated Event: 94.4%

MartinD wrote:

Unusual event with the ferry trips, very enjoyable

Rated Event: 96.7%

dof.hugh wrote:

Thououghly enjoyed the ride, cleverly done, it made the island feel like it was twice its size.
Thank all the staff for the excellent effort that had been put in.

I found it amusing having to stop for two ferries.

All in All, a great day out


Rated Event: 86.7%


Utterly brilliant event in an area of outstanding beauty. Wonderful support with successful organisation and support throughout. Highly recommended!

Rated Event: 91.1%


Different event compared to most sportives given the breaks in riding due to ferry crossings, but that just made this one more of an adventure & gave it a nice twist. Also good to get half an hour off the bike (without the clock ticking by) to eat a bit more sensibly & stretch a bit. Some wuite narrowbumpy roads, but no eal problem & generally kept you away from the main roads. Good stuff.

Rated Event: 98.9%

richiehall wrote:

enjoyed it a good day out loved the freey ride.

Rated Event: 94.4%

nantes23 wrote:

Well organised event by Wiggle as usual.
Great idea to include IOW in a sportive as I am sure not many people have ridden over there.Not so good if your are looking for a continuous ride as the ferry stops break up the rhythm a bit.Nice touch with the ice-cream at the finish.

Rated Event: 92.2%

Pazaa wrote:

Fantastic ride, made much more palatable by the weather! A nice 15 mile run down to the ferry, a feed and break on the boat and then on with the main ride! The marshalls were friendly and great fun and on the whole the signage was good. I did find myself on a couple of long runs on quiet country lanes wondering if I'd missed a turning, and felt a few extra 'you are on the right road' signs would have helped. Where there is a long run between junctions (where signs typically are) extra signs would have reassured. The feed stations were well stocked and manned by excellent marshalls. My only comment is that the first stop on the island was after about 30 miles, then another after 15, and then it was 15 to the ferry. I though that first stop could have been a bit earlier.

Overall great day, my first Wiggle sportive, but not my last - well done!

Rated Event: 94.4%

adentonmiller wrote:

This was a great event. I did the Epic (100 miles) course and really enjoyed it. The Ferry trips turned an event into an adventure! I can't fault Wiggle's organisation either - routes are always well signed, the feed stops are excellent, the routes well designed and challenging in parts, with plenty of recuperation bits as well.

The New Forest and the Isle of Wight are some beautiful areas to ride through as well.

Overall, highly recommended and I will be riding it again next year. Can't say fairer than that!

Rated Event: 94.4%


This was a brilliantly organised event in every sense. I came to do the ride on my own and had such a lovely time: friendly, efficient staff and a beautiful route. I also loved the ferry, which gave the ride a feeling of adventure! I never knew the island was so varied in terms of terrain and scenery, as I've only ever been to Yarmouth and Cowes. I had a feeling the route organiser tried to give us a real flavour of what the island had to offer - very clever. It was great too to be able to try out the Active 10 Sat Nav for free: it was excellent and gave me peace of mind after my husband suffered an additional 10M last week when a sign was moved. One very tiny gripe: warm showers please at the end, please! They were arctic! Fantastic event which I can't wait to do again next year! Thank you

Rated Event: 94.4%


What a day, great weather and a great sportive. Big Channel headwind but who cares this is a new must for me. All the crew extremely friendly and the marshalling on to the Ferry was excellent. Feed stations well stocked and manned though didn't stop at the one on the South of the Isle. Organisers cannot be blamed for the fact that having done 80 miles already cramp arrived in the hamstrings on the ferry back! One to be wary of next year. I loved this ride and the scenery when in view was stunning. Sad not to be 100miles only 95 only gripe
Great job Wiggle/UK events!

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