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7 out of 10
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Wiggle Cheshire Cat 2013

24/03/2013 - Crewe, Cheshire - Sportive

Rating: 73.3% based on 1 review - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 71.3% based on 129 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 72.150%


Rated Event: 93.240%


Better route than last year - thought the food was okay (I quite like sausage rolls!) - signage adequate, not many marshalls

Rated Event: 88.800%


Swiss hill was pointless. i didn't do it and my friends who did, walked!
Results don't make sense: 37 people managed between 4 and 5 hours on the 102 miler - I don't think so. So we can't calculate our % performance as we do in every other ride.
Otherwise very good!

Rated Event: 88.800%

TheStone wrote:

Better route than last year - but a fair bit tougher!!

Rated Event: 64.380%


Great route. The signage was not brilliant. The toilet facilities at the HQ were ropey. I have no complaint about the feed stops. This comes across as a very professional sportive on the website, but I encourage the organisers to put the same attention to detail to the weaker areas.

Rated Event: 82.140%

Howsy wrote:

Enjoyed the event, not to worried about the food as I carry my own, don't tnink think you will ever please everyone!!!!! generally thought it was well organised considering the numbers will be back next year for sure well done

Rated Event: 77.700%


Rated Event: 81.030%

cyclopacer wrote:

First sportive, did the 37mls course, tea available at my finish time but only one urn on the boil

Weather was fantastic after cold start, some funny times reported in stats
very friendly, listed toilet stop at Middlewich not open "little chef"
Peeved at no photograph of my 1st event, as not photographers on 37ml route or start!

Had a great time , would enter 66 mls next year - if only for the photo!

Rated Event: 81.030%


I had a wonderful day - I enjoyed the course, the weather was fantastic, I got up Mow Cop and felt like I'd really achieved something when I finished. The organisation was good & the helpers were friendly. On the downside, with the exception of bananas, I really didn't fancy any of the food on the stops. I think I've been spoilt with the food we got on the Exmoor Beast, which really set the bar high. I know of quite a few people who missed the route separation - I would have expected to see some marshals and bigger/clearer signs at this point. Some of the twisty descents were a surprise to me - perhaps warning signs would have been in order. The biggest disappointment was the lack of food at the end. I don't expect it to be free and I would have gladly paid - but surely you have to make some food available, preferably hot, at the end of such an endurance event - some people were cycling for over 9 hours and NEED that food. If a burger van had been there, I would have ordered the biggest cheeseburger ever!!!

Rated Event: 78.810%

unknown wrote:

My comments are the split between long and medium route wasnt shown. Luckily i did 2 laps of the traffic island waiting for Garmin to kick in.
Foodstops i thought were OK, have been to better, and worse.
Signage was adequate.
Major gripe is toilet facilities at the Sports Hall, and hot food at the end. When events have food and you do have to pay, there is still a queue. Bacon butties, or pasta, or chilli. Something is better than nothing.

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