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9 out of 10
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Richmond Cyclosportives - Tour de France Special Edition

24/05/2014 - Richmond, North Yorkshire - Sportive

Rating: 96.9% based on 38 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 100.0%

jerryscott wrote:

Weather was awful but this was not the fault of the organising team great day had considering!

Rated Event: 95.6%

RichardBarnett wrote:

A great day on the bike, tough but lovely course and a pleasure to ride. A truly well organized event and a good value price. Why carnt the big boys keep the prices the same.

Thanks Richard

Rated Event: 96.7%

AndrewGreen wrote:

This is a brilliantly organised event. This years Tour de France edition route was a significant cahllenge. Even if the TdF route is not repeated, the normal route is tough as well. If you cannot get in or want to do something on a par with the "Fred", then head to Richmond next year, you will not be disappointed.

Rated Event: 100.0%

AkiFuruzawa wrote:

The 118mile sportive was an excellent course with several challenging sections. The course, organisation, feed stations, supporters were perfect, however the weather wasn't...
Don't let the weather ruin your ride, at this time of year full finger waterproof gloves, full length tights, long sleeves and waterproof jacket recommended.
I would ride this again without hesitation, just a bit more prepared for the elements next time! Despite it being 14 degrees and slightly overcast at the start, it can deteriorate pretty bad over a few hours.

Rated Event: 96.7%

andymurray wrote:

Fantastic event. Roads were perfect, quiet and well surfaced. The course was a true challenge. The only complaint is the flap jack at the feed stations were too big I couldn't eat a whole one.

Rated Event: 98.9%

FrancisReddington wrote:

I really enjoyed the event. It was well signed and the helpers were very helpful a the check in points. I just prefer unwrapped food at the feed station (home made flapjacks if you can arrange them) and would it be too expensive to provide even a watery energy mineral drink as well as water?

Rated Event: 82.2%

martinmcshane wrote:

A tough little 'undulating' ride in beautiful countryside. On a nice day it would be exceptional.

Rated Event: 97.8%

ChristopherKelly wrote:

Excellent Sportive.
My 9/10 for the timing was because at points I had to wait to be 'dibbed in' thus putting me 15 seconds outside of a bronze time finish; a small thing but after the pain of 118 miles it was disappointing to not be classified!
The other 9/10 was because fortunately I didn't need support on the course, however I was well aware of what was available and had I used them i'm sure it would have been a 10.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my ride (despite the weather trying it's best to put me off circa 90 mile point), the organisation was spot on and the feedstation helpers deserve special thanks for still smiling during the not pleasant conditions; the stations were also well stocked and located it naturally broke my ride into sections for me. If I am available I will be taking part again next year without doubt. To anybody in 2 minds thinking if they should enter or not my advice is go for it, I got my bike 6 months before the event and it's amazing what you can achieve (trained hard mind, it will not be given to you!) at points I was struggling but the encouragement of other 'sportivers' going past me was well received as this was something I was told could be lacking in road cycling!
To conclude my thanks go to Richmond CC and all the helpers and organisers on the day for putting on a really great event.

Rated Event: 92.2%

RichardPosnett wrote:

Good challenging route, mostly on quiet roads. Organisation kept simple but very efficient. So called bigger sponsored events could learn a lot from this.

Rated Event: 98.9%

ColinMcClean wrote:

Great value for money on some of the best cycling roads in the UK! If you could just get a grip of the wind and rain conditions!

Rated Event: 100.0%

AndyBuckworth wrote:

A superbly organised and friendly Sportive, on an exceptional route. Brilliant value (best there is).

Rated Event: 100.0%

markTHOMPSON wrote:


Rated Event: 92.2%

Dougie Nisbet wrote:

very well organised event with excellent route signage. The course routes were very clever and I liked the fact I did not have to commit to a particular route (which was just as well). Would loved to have given Buttertubs a go but the weather and my fitness made this inadvisable. Another time. A man's gotta know his limitations!

Rated Event: 100.0%

PaulGill1 wrote:

My first sportive ever so difficult to compare but was really impressed in the set up, well stocked and placed feed Stations, easy registering, great signage and a hot meal after, which given the weather, was a god send. Will be back..

Rated Event: 96.7%


The 4th year I've ridden the event and it's my firm favourite.
Richmond CC are a fantastic club who have once again put on a great event in the year of Le Grand Depart.
It would be good to have a gel or two before the ride, but the bananas and flapjacks and post ride pie are top dollar.
The route is magnificent & over the 4 years I've ridden it, get to know the landscape better. I love this part of Yorkshire. The school is a wonderful HQ and the organisation the best I've known in the many events ridden.
Please try to keep the entry price affordable. I know costs rise and the likes of Wiggle have spoilt their events with greedy entry fees. I know riders who now ride more Audaxes which cost a fraction to enter.
Thank you and looking forward to being back next year.
Simon Ellis Stocksbridge CC

Rated Event: 94.4%

Pete the novice wrote:

Great event and I'm surprised that more people don't attend on account of the location alone!
Good points: Ability to swap distances during day without problems. Fantastic scenery. Good organisation and informative website & correspondence, etc.
Not so Good Points: Buttertubs food stop would have been better off the road with more space for the cyclists.

Rated Event: 100.0%

BenSteel1 wrote:

Really well organised and a fantastic course

Rated Event: 91.1%

RichardHornby wrote:

Even though the weather for the second half was dreadful. The quality of the route choice in terms of scenery and difficulty made it a great event that I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in.

Rated Event: 96.7%

DavidLonsdale wrote:

Overall an excellent event, I did the 3 dales and as such did not use the feed station so can not really comment on them but they seemed correctly spaced out to me. Likewise with the Sag wagon. I am surprised you have not got a score rating for value for money as I think it was exceptionally good and everyone I spoke to thought the same. The course was first class and is one I will always try to do again, no better area for cycling in the UK in my opinion. Regarding the signage there was only two spots where I thought it could of been better, the 1st was at the left turn at the very bottom of the Stang, the rider in front of us went straight on towards the A66 until we shouted him back, I think a sign on the actual junction would of been a good idea and the 2nd spot was the split at Tanhill, I think two seperete signs clearly showing each route would of been better. In summary it was a superb event and I can only assume people do not know what they are missing.

Rated Event: 90.0%

AllenPrice wrote:

Compared to the big commercial events this is one of the best I have done.
Please please don't let it get too big it will ruin it, for the sport and the locals who are friendly at the moment!

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