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The Tour of Pembrokeshire

26/04/2014 - St Davids, Pembrokeshire - Sportive

Rating: 95.6% based on 3 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 88.9% based on 82 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 92.222%

NickDonovan wrote:

Enjoyed the day thoroughly as my first sportive it was hard but I will be coming back next year!

Rated Event: 94.444%

IfanThomas wrote:

Although I knew the course well as I live in the area, I thought the signage could have been clearer in some places. In Llanychaer maybe a clearer sign would be an idea and also a larger arrow needed by Priskilly golf course.

Rated Event: 92.222%

DaveHughes wrote:

Superb day with a great family feel, stunning scenery and challenges for all. A good sportive is a head-up cycling event making you want to take in the surroundings as well as test your cycling and this weekend certainly achieved that. It was my first won't be my last.

Rated Event: 75.556%

AndrewWright wrote:

Lovely event, however it could have done with more signs. I ended up missing the marker for route splits on both occasions. I didn't see any outriders on the course or mobile support, however I'm sure they were there. Extremely friendly feed station staff and rider village and well organised. Route card was a great help when I felt on my own without seeing a sole for 12 miles. It would have been good to be able to keep your race number, still not sure why this had to be given back? The course was relentless which although advertised, I had little idea just how touch some of the climbs were. Perhaps adding graidient %'s to the route card for anything over 15%?

Over all great day, stunning views, scary hills and great spirit.

Rated Event: 90.000%

Edje wrote:

Very enjoyable and well organised event

Rated Event: 80.000%


Gorgeous weather/scenery but roads a bit too 'back lane' gravel, sand, potholes. Signage could of been better. Finish timing marshall on hill climb in wrong position (not at top of hill where it would be easy to stop and chip, situated on hill where hard to stop and clipin to restart). Not impressed with the route over the ford by St David's Cathedral, dangerous, gravelly and not necessary, plenty of other routes back into St Davids. Good organisation and did enjoy!

Rated Event: 97.778%

AngelaHarries wrote:

With very little preparation for your event...... The relaxed and friendly atmosphere made me feel most welcome! Was a tough course for me.... but the beautiful scenery and the great support made it a truely memorable day. Many thanks

Rated Event: 85.556%

MikeMunro wrote:

Whoever came up with the 100 mile route is a genius - it was awesome. Scenery was spectacular, ride was very hard but i wasnt really ready for it but i'd do it again in a flash - well maybe when my legs come back to me, couldn't sit down on saturday night.

Rated Event: 100.000%

JulieEvans wrote:

Excellent event to take part in. Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge (considering it was my first cycle challenge)! Well organised and supported! See you next year!

Rated Event: 100.000%

alexbrace wrote:

Brilliant ride all the right things finish coming past Bishops Palace was great

Rated Event: 100.000%

KarinaEbsworth wrote:

"Wow what a day! Rode the 50 with my husband and had the best day ever. The organisation was seamless and the setting was truly breathtaking. All the local villagers got behind the event and came out to clap the riders on. We came back to St David's on the Sunday with our two boys to take part in the family ride. This was another great hit and we can not wait for the next sportive. Hope to see you all on the Merlin".

Rated Event: 100.000%

ChrisEbsworth wrote:

"This was my first sportive following a 15 year break from cycling. There is no better way to take in the stunning scenery that Pembrokeshire has on offer. The only disappointment was realising that with just 4 miles left to go the event would soon be over! Well done to the organisers for providing such a fantastic experience. I will defiantly be riding in next years tour and have already started recruiting all my family, friends and colleagues".

Rated Event: 85.556%

ElizabethMcDonald wrote:

I came down to St Davids to ride the 100 miler with 2 others and we had a fantastic day!

Having cycled a different Tour of Pembrokeshire route 2 years ago I preferred this route as it kept off the main roads and away from the bigger towns and was generally more scenic. The compromise with that is that some of the roads are narrower, muddy and gravelly (it is Wales after all!) and may have been dangerous in the wet, however we were very fortunate to be blessed with a glorious day. Furthermore the Rider Briefing document went to great lengths to warn riders about the hazardous roads so they weren't a surprise. I suppose if you want to race round chasing times, which we didn't, then it may become a problem. The views were fantastic!

The HQ in St David's was great. Very central with good facilities - my only complaint being too few toilets. The staggered start was better than setting everyone off en mass like last time. Everyone was very friendly.

The route was very challenging and I clocked 106 miles and 9600 feet climbing which was more than the profile stated. Having said that I would do definately do it again - though I would be better prepared next time for the cruel dig at the very end by the Cathedral ;-)

Rated Event: 57.778%

DaiDennehy wrote:

Great ride, lovely scenery, helpful staff, need to improve the signage especially where the route splits into short, medium and long. Do not finish the ride on a section where riders can only access the route one by one, on a path and a bridge not suitable for cyclists.

Rated Event: 96.667%


Great event , Hilly , Outstanding Views , Well Done to new Team who put this together , A Must do !! Will be back next Year . Pembrokshire @ its Best !!

Rated Event: 95.556%

KatherineDevonald wrote:

I am bitterly dissapointed that I was unable to do the tour this year. I have spoken to a lot of people since the event and scored each category according to the information they have given me. I also rode the course and entered the event online before the event so have subjectively scored based on my own expereinces too.

I will definately be there next year considering the glowing reports I have had about the venue, feed stations, route and post-ride meal etc.

Well done all at Tour of Pembrokeshire,

Katherine :)

Rated Event: 84.444%

StephenJohnson wrote:

I loved it. Both me and the bike got around in one piece, which helps. And the weather was spot on, sunny, but not so it caused any problems regarding heat or sun burn. This may not be the case in future years. I've only been cycling for a few months so naturally found the course (75miles) a real challenge, but one I'd love to take on again. When I did pick my head up the scenery was spectacular and also varied, with great views of the North Pembs coastline, the woods of the Gwaun Valley and the brooding bleakness of the Preseli Hills. The route also took you down roads few people would be aware of, and that, Brigadoon-like, only appear once a year for the TOP. St David's is also a good base.

Rated Event: 95.556%

OliverLewis wrote:

Excellent event, with perfect weather!

Rated Event: 92.222%


Oh what a perfect day!

Rated Event: 24.444%

AndrewReed wrote:

more suitable to a knackered winter bike than my expensive carbon wheels. you are taking the piss sending us down country lanes covered in moss, cow shit, gravel and everything you dont want to ride over in a road event. you made the hell of the north look like a picnic! its no wonder the dragon ride is the best sportif in the UK when you cant even be arsed to put signs up not much bigger than A4 and countless stories of friends taking wrong turns. i saw one marshall the entire day and not one feed station had an energy gel, just some tired welsh cakes and bananas. for £30 i doubt i will consider taking part again, not unless i take up down hill mountain biking or want some experience of working on a farm covered in shit!

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