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7 out of 10
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The Impsport Championship Sportive

27/06/2015 - Lincolnshire - Sportive

Rating: 87.6% based on 26 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 89.9% based on 165 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 93.333%

GuruSingh wrote:

overall a very well designed course and as it coincided with the National Championships it was a super weekend! Shall definitely do this ride again!

Rated Event: 100.000%

StephenLyon wrote:

The event was great. I really enjoyed it and will be back again for the next one in Lincoln. The only observation I made that might aid rider safety in the future, would be to have some signs to worn drives to be aware of large groups of cyclists on the road ahead. Though I didn't experience any problems, I just think this would be a good idea.

Rated Event: 65.556%

PhilTeale wrote:

Great ride but the feed stations were very poorly equipped - cheese cracker biscuits, crisps and a total lack of bananas? Not what I expected. Some fig rolls but things like chocolate brownies are not the best thing to be riding on. The sports drink was only just fractionally stronger than distilled water. It would be much better if the feed stations also had gels and energy bars - perhaps some more sponsorship? The finish was completely awesome as it was last year, which goes some way to make up for the poor quality feed stations. Sort them out and it would be a near-perfect event.

Rated Event: 94.444%

AdrianMckinstry wrote:

Great course once you are out of lincoln. The only thing that let it down was about 10 miles of poor road surfaces 3/4 of the way round before Rothwell. Great support on michelgate from the public.

Rated Event: 73.333%


Enjoyed the event and I personally thought the signs were good, Not as many as some rides but more than others. Food stops could have been stocked better. Information could have been better as I missed out of free food and whatever else free was on offer at the finish (no frame sticker!!!) I think that the organisers assumed lots would ride back to the HQ when many like myself struggled back to hotels in town, so directions out and away from the route would have been helpful. but given there were thousands it must have been a bit of a nightmare to manage. ALso im a bit of a traditionalist and after dragging my hefty backside up Michaelgate I would have loved a medal. In the end I got nothing except a piece of computer printed paper from a bit of a snotty bloke who asked me to move my bike forward 6 inches when I almost threw up on him :-)

Overall I had a great day regardless of the above and it will be great to look back at riding up Michaelgate

Rated Event: 96.667%

Adam Capp wrote:

My first organised sportive which I really enjoyed and thought was well organised. The only improvement I would suggest would be at the finish where everyone were shattered was just layin around on the floor bikes strewn everywhere. I would suggest loads of bike racks to keep them out the way leavin people to relax, also better signage/directions to the tent offering free drinks and food after the event which I missed as I wasn't aware where they were. All in all a excellent sportive on what was an amazing weekend of cycling in Lincoln.

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 71.111%

StephenEnglish wrote:

would benefit with more feed stops also would benefit from sponsorship for feed stops with energy bars and gels and Mars Bars which I understand other events provide. Over all enjoyed the day, even with the mixups and look forward to competeing again next year.

Rated Event: 54.444%

CalvinFrankum wrote:

Signage poor, following the route downloaded on to my Garmin was a little different to the signed route, only there wasn't a sign to tell me not to follow the Garmin, Goodie bags at the finish would have been better as i didn't need to go back to the sports center, so didnt get one :(

Rated Event: 88.889%

LisaHoskins wrote:

Absolutely brilliant sportive. Very friendly riders taking part and countryside was beautiful. Shame about the hail but no-one can control that. All the support team was great. Thanks to the St Johns crew that looked after me at the end. They were so good.

Rated Event: 71.111%

GraemeWalker wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and Lincolnshire looked gorgeous when the sun was out.
Road surfaces were amongst the best of any sportive I've ridden.
It poured torrentially at times but this didn't really detract from the event - it just added to the challenge.
Food stops were lacking in a bit of variety compared to some big sportives but were adequate.
Brilliant cobbled steep finish in front of the cathedral !

Rated Event: 43.333%

Ian121 wrote:

Not entirely sure what I paid my £30 for. A cap at the end? or the fact that I was expecting signage that would allow me to enjoy the day without being misdirected?. One I received, the other I didn't. The signage that was correct was average when compared to many other sportives I have taken part in. The only redeeming part of the experience was the opportunity to ride up Michaelgate and finish where the pro's finish. Apart from that the day left me feeling a little ripped off.

Rated Event: 54.444%

Kev Sp wrote:

Generally a nice day but let down by poor signage (becoming a common thread) - have the HQ a distance (unsigned) from the Finish didn't help matters either, as did the timing chip that had to be scanned individually so you were queuing for timing :(

Feed stations of bananas, biscuits and crisps and a cake/homemade roll on return with a cup of coffee/tea were acceptable - with goodie bag being a riders cap (not related to the event).

Riding up Michaelgate is a novelty and will be trying that again but signage MUST improve as must the attitude of the staff in the HQ who were just disinterested, at least the few marshalls we saw spoke when prompted.

Rated Event: 96.667%

thenuttyboy wrote:

A great ride to do, even for a local. The climb up Michaelgate takes on a whole new feel when you ride up it with crowds urging you on. And to ride through the finish line that is set up for the Grand Prix the next day makes it a bit more special.

Rated Event: 72.222%

Paul wrote:

Finish up Michaelgate was the highlight of the event, great crowd support, best I have ever experienced.

Rated Event: 98.889%

colintyler wrote:

first sportive,great day,back next year.

Rated Event: 92.222%

NeilTruswell1 wrote:

Great ride which seems to be improving year on year. The finish is great even in pouring rain. The course changes keep it interesting the only small thing I didn't like was stopping after approx 35 miles to have my timing chip swiped may be if the stewards were on the road side it would have made it easier still a great ride though.

Rated Event: 93.333%

FrankAgosto wrote:

First 100 took the plunge and enjoyed every minute, weather tried it's best to spoil the day but failed, support on the final climb was great the adrenalin got meto the top. ready for the next challenge. Pat yourselves on the back on a job well done.

Rated Event: 94.444%

Pete the novice wrote:

Excellent event - good facilities and well equipped feed stations.

Rated Event: 75.556%


The weather spoilt it (which is not your fault) but I must echo the comments about rider behaviour. The littering was disgusting and some of the aggressive riding by big groups is why I now remember why I stopped riding Sportives.

Rated Event: 92.222%

RichardWoods wrote:

Great use of the text facilty at the Scampton timing point.

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