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7 out of 10
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L'Etape London - The Official Tour de France Legacy Sportive for London

27/09/2015 - Lee Valley VeloPark, London - Sportive

Rating: 73.3% based on 5 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 65.6%

Chapmake wrote:

Having a non closed road event from a London Start and Finish point questions in my mind the value of this Sportive - also given the size of the Peletons particularly for the early starters it created hazardous conditions for Drivers and Cyclists - it would have been better if it is ri=un again to release groups of 20 every two minutes to try and spread the size of peletons

Rated Event: 86.7%

patriciagravell1 wrote:

I did the long route, great food mixture at the feed stations with nice savouries such as potatoes, corn chips and olive bread along with loads of the sugary stuff. When I arrived at Feed 1 I saw somebody struggling to turn off the water from one of the huge tanks and it was gushing away with no staff appearing to help, wondered if this would cause shortages for later riders - hope not. First and last 10 miles are through London traffic so on the shorter distances this would be a big proportion of the ride. 3rd feed station was way too busy as medium and long routes had merged by then so queues for everything. Ride is pretty flat and fairly featureless, don't know how I was persuaded to pay so much to ride in areas that I preferred doing during the night as part of Dunwich Dynamo. I thought the lap of the velo park would've made it special but after 115 miles I didn't have the energy to sprint round so I wouldn't bother doing this one again. A cup of water and a medal at the end, my podium photo was rubbish as my hair blew across my face and I moved it out of the way and smiled again thinking a better shot would be taken but it wasn't, luckily a friend took one on my own phone for me. We had fantastic weather and it was nice to have an end of season ride all well marked with arrows but it was poor value for money compared to other sportives.

Rated Event: 51.1%

MikeHedger wrote:

Route in general quite featureless. Last 10 miles on A roads & through E London traffic. No distance markers on course
Expensive entry
Tour podium cleaned away before I finished

Rated Event: 83.3%

David Tobin wrote:

Portable loos arrived late which created a long queues at the start.
The route once out of London was good. Getting out of London earl;y in the morning was OK but coming back around 2:00pm was very challenging and not enjoyable.
The USP for this event was the start and finish at the Olympic Park but I was underwhelmed by what was on offer at the start/finish.

Rated Event: 80.0%

StuartWilks wrote:

Good route, well organised, but more water needed, and at least some more traffic control on the last 10 miles - after riding 105 miles, the last thing needed was negotiating London traffic!

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