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9 out of 10
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Wrynose or Bust

28/04/2013 - North Lancs, South Cumbria - Sportive

Rating: 90.8% based on 17 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 85.1% based on 60 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 94.444%

steveDuxbury wrote:

Another well organised enjoyable day. Next year the weather must get better and i will get a bigger crowd to join us. Lunch stop at newton very welcome and well stocked. Could have done with a couple of extra drink stops on the route. Marshals were cheerful and friendly despite enjoying the same weather as us. At least we could pedal to keep warm. Thanks for all the hard work to those who organised it all.

Rated Event: 81.111%

SusanLucas wrote:

Potentially very enjoyable, though Bigland Hill and the descent after lunch were tough. Given the rain and wind, the marshals were very supportive and helpful. I missed one arrow so took one wrong turning ( in Grange)

Rated Event: 100.000%

DavidSmith wrote:

Fantastic all round and lots of money goes to charity (the only one I don't know about is "Support" so I've put 10 out of 10 same as my other 8 scores so it doesnt distort my overall rating - perhaps Cyclosport could have a "Don't know" option for this one - just because I didn't see the support doesn't mean it wasn't there sweeping up at the back!)

Rated Event: 75.556%


This would be a glorious and testing ride but it needs the weather. Maybe later in the year would be better. It can be pretty temperamental in the Lakes in early Spring.

Rated Event: 77.778%


See above, a good event spoilt

Rated Event: 96.667%


Gruelling 68 miler the bay dash!!! Love it !!
Have taken part for 3 out of the 4 years and it gets harder each year and I get a year older!!!
Doubtless I will be back!!!

Rated Event: 98.889%

ChrisOdea1 wrote:

Well organised, marshals were great, helpful and friendly, the route had it all ups, down and twisty bits and the food station was a god send! Will be back next year.

Rated Event: 92.222%

Martin wrote:

Tough but very rewarding ride. Well organised ride by the Rotary Club for good causes, Signage was spot on.

Rated Event: 98.889%

DavidHolmes wrote:

My first sportive based on yesterday's experience I would certainly return next year.

Thank you very much

Rated Event: 94.444%


Great event lovely marshalls and its nice its all for charity

Rated Event: 87.778%

sirjemo wrote:

Very friendly, and getting better every year. Can we have sunny one again please?

Rated Event: 98.889%

StuartGorse wrote:

For a novice rider, just off stabilisers, this was an excellent and challenging ride. The marshalls were unfailingly polite and encouraging and the hot=pot pie and cabbage at the end to die for!

Rated Event: 91.111%


Very well organised, friendly event, once again let down by rotten weather!
The first third of the course does stick to main roads and could probably be improved a little, but the middle third is the highlight, with a few decent climbs and nice scenery.
Very well-marshaled and the signage was very good, though it was a little confusing in places as similar signs from another event appeared in several places.
A really good event.

Rated Event: 84.444%

JonSparks wrote:

Enjoyed it very much despite the weather. It's a beautiful route.

Rated Event: 85.556%

saintjohn wrote:

Excellent organisation, excellent feed stops, excellent signposting, challenging route but not insanely hard. The only thing not to like was the weather.

Rated Event: 88.889%

neilslatcher wrote:

Excellent event that I would thoroughly recommend. Water was a bit scarce at the feed stations though.

Rated Event: 97.778%

TomWilkinson wrote:

Very well organised and marshalled

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 97.778%

MikeHutchinson wrote:

I was the oldest rider in the Bay Dash. At 74 I was all of 9 years older than anyone else riding. It appears that only of 7 of the 100 who finished this event were over 60. I found it hard going and was slower than most. Maybe the age gap is beginning to tell?

However, I thought that this event was extremely well organised and to those who turned out to help in those wet and miserable conditions I offer my heart felt thanks. A gradey ride this one - well done Rotary Club of Lancaster.

Rated Event: 87.778%

JonathanCollins wrote:

There were one or two times when I had to slow down and think long and hard about the signs - sometimes they would hit you late, or sometimes they would be inconclusive - do I go straight on, or go left - the signs were sometimes a bit in the middle, which can cause quite a panic!
But overall, I loved the event. The food was lovely - just what I needed after a long cold ride, and the showers nice and hot. Also easily accessible. Will do this again.

Rated Event: 98.889%

Martin wrote:

A really great event. Has to be one of the best organised sportives. Way signs and marshalls were peerless. Thanks.

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