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4 out of 10
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Great Manchester Cycle

29/06/2014 - Manchester - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 95.4% based on 31 reviews

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Rated Event: 100.000%

FolsomBathroom wrote:

There were plenty of feedstops en route, the only problem was the first stop on the druid at 20 miles only had bananas and water, would have been good to have high5 or gel packs, or both at that stop, being as we were about to go up the mountain!

Rated Event: 100.000%

IrvineConcrete wrote:

A fantastic informal yet well run event. The course was outstanding, so much so I have revisited parts of it on training rides since.

Rated Event: 96.667%

DanBraddock wrote:

This was my second time doing this event making the step up from the 26 miler last year. I did get a little bored after the third lap but if all cities did an event like this it would be brilliant.

Rated Event: 91.111%

Greenfire wrote:

very good

Rated Event: 96.667%


Supberb to be riding on closed roads, an improvement on last years course with less pinch points and tight corners.

Rated Event: 97.778%

Geoff wrote:

My second ride - will I ride it in 2014 - already entered.

Rated Event: 88.889%

on_the_road wrote:

This was well organised and a good day out. But they don't enforce the rules, they don't allow riders with aerobars but there were lots of riders with aerobars and time trial bikes taking part, no one stopped them entering the course.

Rated Event: 90.000%


Good flowing course for 90%. The "technical section"over two bridges into and out of Salford/Mediacity was so narrow as to cause bottlenecks. A rethink there wouldn't go amiss: perhaps an extended run through the wide roads of Trafford Park would have been better.
Oh, an a 5 lap option (just about 100K) would be appreciated.

Rated Event: 98.889%

Geoff wrote:

All the marshels, helpers, and of course "NOVA" deserve a huge cheer for what was the perfect ride, even the weather decided to help you. For the marshels who stood at their locations throughout they deserve special thanks.
Prior to the event I read a number of blogs and all I can say to those is "Get a life" - this was a great event - next year when I ride "and I will I for one will be 70 with one year to go to our golden wedding, why mention that - I made a ride video of the event and at one point my wife can be seen as she always is at any event I ride.
The event - the ride - the organisation "Thumbs up to all"

Rated Event: 90.000%

liambosley wrote:

A very well organised event in its first year. The event catered for all types of cyclists with the 13, 26 and 52mi options which made for a great promotion of cycling in the City of the home of British Cycling. The course was well designed, taking in many iconic Manchester landmakrs. Perhaps further facilities could have been available at the Start/Finish. Fully recommended if the event is run in 2013.

Rated Event: 93.333%

DanielMarsden wrote:

An excellent event. I really hope that this is available again next year.

Rated Event: 93.333%

SimonGreen wrote:

Excellent ride. Got away near the front at the start of the 52 mile route so didn't experience too much difficulty at the bottleneck in Salford Quays but saw the build up on the way back out. Other than that it was very well organised and a great experience which I will definately repeat next year. Many thanks to all involved!

Rated Event: 86.667%

GeorgeCzernuszka wrote:

When's the next one :)

Rated Event: 95.556%


This was a great ride, and although I heard about congestion on the first lap of the 52 miler, I had no problems with the 26 miler. One thing I'd say though is that two laps seemed to be more like 25 miles as the GPS flies, and the 4 lappers were clocking in around 50 miles. Not a big deal, but those average speeds are a way off.

I rode it on my Brompton, and the course was ideal for its limited range of gearing. Might even try the 52 miler on it next year.

Rated Event: 98.889%

ChristopherSullivan wrote:

Fantastic event, very well organised, brilliant fun, looking forward to next year

Rated Event: 98.889%

DeniseIreland wrote:

Had the most fantastic time, the event staff were amazing and very helful. Rather annoyingly I arriveded and realised I had forgot my helmet. Went to the repair stall at the Etiad but they had run out, it seems I wasn't the only one. There was a really lovely helpful woman there who was reassuring and kind, she took care of my bag as I ran to Asda before the ride to get a helmet, thankfully they had one. Got back and she very kindly offered to take care f my bag for the ride which was great as more time would have been taken up with finding the luggage stall and handing in. i'm only sorry not t have got her name to thank her personally, big thanks to you and huge thanks to the rganisers and all staff for making it such an enjoyable and pleasent experience. It was AMAZING.

Rated Event: 85.556%

DavLowe wrote:

Great day and ride, salford quays a bit narrow/slow especially on first lap! A fantastic route however A different route next year would be good to mix it up!

Rated Event: 98.889%

MikeLine wrote:

Great course and even better with no cars!

Rated Event: 91.111%

AlexanderNolan wrote:

Fantastic day, had mechanical problems 3 miles into the 52 but motorcycle marshal got me going again and the other 49 miles were fantastic!

Rated Event: 100.000%

chrislang wrote:

Excellent event looking forward to the next one

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