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The SRS Events Burgess Hill Springtime Classic

29/03/2015 - Burgess Hill Sussex, UK - Sportive

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The Burgess Hill

Springtime Classic

The first event in the SRS Events 2015 Cyclosportive Series 

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Event Date 29th March 2015

The Three Rides of the Burgess Hill Springtime Classic are:-

The Burgess Hill Springtime Cyclosportive 72 miles 
The Burgess Hill Spring Challenge Ride 53 miles 
The Burgess Hill Tour Ride 35 miles 

This events has been running for  8 years and is always a popular cyclosportive to test early season gear rider 
As usual the routes will be comprehensively marked with arrows with extra signes at strategic junctions.

Three feeding Stations will be provided for The Springtime Classic Cyclosportive @71 miles  and two feed stations on the Springtime Challenge route @ 54 miles . The Springtime Tour route @ 36 miles will have one feed station. Technical and First Aid Support will be provided en-route and a broom wagon will ensure that all riders return!.

Meet the Hills 

The must do event for all cyclosportive riders, triathletes, road racers and other cyclists looking for a great group ride, the Springtime Classic Cyclosportive is a popular fun event to test your fitness on the bike.

 In it's 8th year the 2015 event is growing year in year out 

We all know that cyclosportive aren't races and that you can ride a cyclosportive like the Springtime Classic cyclosportive just for the pure pleasure of taking part in a large non competitive cycling event. If on the other hand it's all about the personal challenge for you and getting that coveted gold standard time for the ride, then an immense challenge is awaiting you and your early season fitness should be on top form, especially if you choose to do the Classic route at 71 miles. 

There are some notable hills on the Springtime Classic Cyclosportive with the Classic route having all of the hills listed below.  

Pillow Mounds HillPillow mounds Hill

This hill is the first big test which all routes ascend. Riders have to tackle a ford at the base of the hill, with the steepest part of the hill being at the beginning.  With fresh legs most riders can get to the summit of this hill with a smile on their face.  Fit cyclist will see Pillow Mounds Hill more as a warm up. Any sign of struggle up this hill will be a big warning, and you should consider taking the directions to one of the shorter routes while you have a chance. 

Kidds Hill kidds hill

Before you get to kidds hill there are some beautiful roads on route through the Ashdown forest, you will descend for some time before reaching the base of this hill  locally know as the "Wall" It's a really test of climbing ability.

If you don't like hills just knuckle down, embrace the pain, as not long after conquering "the Wall" you will be descending Black Hill another descent which goes on for a few miles and an excellent place to get back on to any bunch you were dropped from on Kidds Hill.  Some say that you can get tunnel vision when climbing hills as tough as Kidds Hill and with the over hanging trees of on this Hill many riders will be embracing that tunnel of pain. But if you have done the training for this event you will fly up.... no really you will :-)

kidds hill              Tunnel vision on Kidds Hill  Remember it's only gravity !

Groombridge Hill

groombridge sign

Riders who are riding the Classic route go deeper into the Weald area of the South East crossing over into the county of Kent to tackle the climb of Groombridge Hill.  Humourously nicknamed by some as the "Col du Groombridge", this is no Alpine climb but nevertheless it is one more big hill to sap the energy from your legs. Consevation of energy is advised on this hill as you won't even by half way around the Classic route while on this climb. 

groombridge hill                 Col du Groombridge. Not a savage climb but one that still deserves some respect !

Cob Lane Hill 

cob lane

If we wanted to paint a rosy picture about Cob Lane we'd start with the fact that this hill is pleasantly short in length and climbs through a lovely wooded area with over hanging trees sheltering you from any harsh sun light. We'd also state that soon after this hill is a feeding station to rest and replace your energy. These statements would be true but missing one important fact, that with a gradient of 20% this hill is a cycling shoe cleat breaker ! Many entrants of the Springtime Classic have to resign themselves to walking up this hill.  


Depending on the weather conditions on the day of the event those lovely over hanging trees we mentioned earlier tend to drop their leaves on this 20% gradient making the surface of the road slightly slippery and even harder to climb, resulting in wheel spin if any excessive energy is applied to the pedals. 

We predict if you haven't saved some leg strength for this hill then you will be taking the walk of shame. Be warned though there will more than likely be photographic evidence of you taking the walk of shame as others travel to the accent of glory recorded  by Avelo Images who are the official photographers of the 2014 Springtime Classic.

Seemingly Avelo Images photographers only take pictures where there is an abundance of gravity ! So keep your head up and give your best "this isn't hurting" face or "look at me conquring this beast" face for future photogaphic evidence of victory over the Cob. 

These are just some of the hills en route and we could wax lyrical about them all day as they are such great climbs on the Springtime Classic Cyclosportive.


Of course we shouldn't forget what goes up must come down and this cyclosportive has its fair share of great descents as well as climbs. It is the perfect Cyclosportive event to test your early season fitness with a great social feel to the whole day and at the same time this event is raising awareness and funds for the Sussex Heart Charity. 

This Cyclosportive Challenge is a challenge par excellence all the three routes of the Springtime Classic take in some wonderful countryside. Feed stations en route are based at Village Halls which have a good choice of energy drink and other fast fuel foods from sponsors. More importantly savoury foods like delicious sausage rolls are also available should your taste buds be getting bored with the sweet things. 


Most notably the feed stations have toilets and all offer a safe place to wait if you need a mechanic or need to be picked up by the broom wagon. Qualified Medics  are available on route should you need medical attention. 

You are advised to enter early.

The event is run by SRS Events raising funds and awareness for the Sussex Heart Charity. 

Well Run 

The event has all the amenities a cyclosportive rider might need.

Fast signing on procedure.

Safe drop off point for belongings.

Free Parking. 

Plus when you get back from your ride the usual great welcome back to the HQ 

Free snack meal to immediately replenish your energy after the ride.


Electronic timing by Sportident for this event will mean that riders will get their time immediately after finishing and entrants will be able to download a Certificate after the event 


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All you need is 4 rides or more to get up to a  £6 discount for all riders in your group. 

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Perfect for corporate members our special corporate entry gives an exceptional quality to the day for entrants taking part. An ideal way for corporations to treat their cycling colleagues of clients. 

  • Fast sign on in the morning 
  • Fast start go straight to the front of the queue 
  • A fantastic goodie bag from our Sponsors Continental 
  • Free massage for all corporate riders after the event.
  • Free beer for riders after the event to quench your thirst
  • Free food 
  • Special Corporate area 


British cycling

British Cycling members can get discounted entry to the 2015 SRS Events Cyclosportive Series.

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Click on the image to play video

SRS Springtime Classic 2011 from Alistair Cooper on Vimeo.

Click on the image to play video

SRS Spring Cyclosportive - March 2009 from Alistair Cooper on Vimeo.


Official photographers of the Burgess Hill Springtime Classic is Avelo Images 


If you hurry there are great early bird discounts on this and other events in the SRS Events Cyclosportive series

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When you enter this or other events in the SRS Events Cyclosportive series via SI Entries you get a loyalty discount to future events in the series again when you enter via Si Entries. 

ORRO Bikes


Orro Bikes are one of our official partners of the SRS Events Cyclosportive series and when you enter the Beacon Rouleur Cyclosportive your name will automatically go into the prize draw to win a state of the art ORRO Bike. 

For more information about ORRO Bikes go to the website.

Charity Partners

You don't have to raise funds for charity when you take part in this event but there will be an easy way to raise funds with JustGiving at this event. 

You can raise funds for our official charity partners or for a charity of your choice. It is easy to set up a just giving page and even if you only raise a small amount of money for your charity every bit helps. 

Please note our Charity partners have reduced entry places available for this event. Contact them to find out more about raising funds for their cause at this cycling event. 

Sussex Heart Charity Official Charity Partner 

 The Sussex Heart Charity has been a partner of the SRS Events Cyclosportive series for over 7 years and an excellent charity to support which does a great job of saving lives. 

More information about what this great charity does can be found on their website.

Helping Rhinos Official Charity Partner

phil liggetPhil Liggett is a Patron of the Helping Rhinos charity. The charity's aim is to raise awareness of the plight of the rhino by spreading the word as far and wide as possible. The charity wants to help people understand what they can do to make a difference for the rhino. We believe that educating the next generation about the importance of conservation is vital to the long term success of conserving our wildlife. Enter any of the SRS Events Cyclosportive Series via the Charity entry page and raise funds easily via the Just Giving Page. Find out more on the event page Click here  

Event Website

HQ/Start Address
Address Line 1 Oakmeads Community College
Address Line 2 Station Road
Town Burgess Hill
County East Sussex
Postcode RH15 9EA
Event Facilities
Adequate Car Parking Facilities Adequate Car Parking Facilities
Changing Rooms Changing Rooms
Showers Showers
Food & Drink (Pre/Post Event) Food & Drink (Pre/Post Event)
Sign-on at HQ Sign-on at HQ

Support for Participants
Route card with emergency contact details Route card with emergency contact details
SAG wagon following laster rider(s) SAG wagon following laster rider(s)

Organiser Details
Email Email Hidden
Phone 01273 659107
Address Line 1 PO BOX 5198
Address Line 2 North Street
Town Brighton
County East Sussex
Postcode Bn50 9XB

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