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8 out of 10
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The Exmoor Beast

30/10/2011 - Butlins Resort, Minehead - Sportive

Rating: 94.3% based on 7 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 93.8% based on 17 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 87.8%

Bazilbrush wrote:

A great end of season event, weather always will be challenging in October so came as no surprise, just a shame to miss some of the spectacular views (Spring Beauty a great idea). Enjoyed it much more than I thought that I would, some really challenging climbs and when the mist lifted some beautiful scenery.

I have to disagree with some reviewers as the first feed stop was at just the right point in terms of distance and before the second climb, but I wasn't particularly impressed with the little wet paper bags of banana portion and flap jack (although the hot soup was okay once it'd cooled down). There didn't seem much point stopping at feed two (was on 100km route) as was so near to a down hill finish. But having entered for the 100mile in 2012 I would be nice for feed 2 to be not so close to the end.

I loved the reception and the little beer glass (although lost it almost straight away) and thought the general venue facilities were great, except for the 'mile long' queue for a toilet cubicle (some extra portables or signs to an alternate would be good)

Oh and many thanks the the three man train that dragged me at 45 km/hr for a couple of the middle miles, hope i managed to earn my ticket as really did try not to sit in slipstream for longer than was polite.

Rated Event: 100.0%


Fantastic event, Excellent course and well organised with some bad weather in the early part of the ride for good measure.

Rated Event: 95.6%

bobprickett wrote:

Cracking ride well organised

Rated Event: 88.9%

dennis wrote:

good event, the wet cattle grid on the first climb caused a pile up , i did not use it but the on course support was excellent. Timing system was good but cannot say whether it was correct as i am still waiting for the results to be posted (midnight monday ... please can you get the results posted more quickly?); overall a great event I would like to ride it again

Rated Event: 94.4% wrote:

Another great day out at the Exmoor beast. I have 2 small gripes that I reflected in the scoring. 1. First feedstop came too early then far too long a gap to the next one for the 100 milers, (26 miles then 70 miles),there was a definite need for a water station at the 50 mile mark. 2. Second feedstation was a bit of a mess, food was ok but the water/energy drink barrels were running out & it was a quagmire,not good for cleats.

The above makes me sound negative about the event but let me stress that the Exmoor Beast is at close to perfection for a sportive, the staff,course & professionalism is outstanding. There were marshalls at major junctions and clear concise signage, outriders were a plenty and you felt constantly close to someone if you had a mechanical. The start/finish from Butlins was great & the glass of Exmoor Beast Ale well deserved and flamin lovely :)

See you next year!!

Rated Event: 97.8%

Yoda wrote:

Great event, my first 100 miler and it was worth the wait. Bit of a shame the weather was not the best to start as the views accross the moor would have been amazing.

Down sides... seeing so many people fall off 'trying' to ride over the cattle grid on the first climb! someone stopping in a car to talk to a rider on a VERY narrow bridge at the bottom of a step decent!!! someone in a Black Rangerover Sport driving past at about 70mph and about 4 ft away (not good at the best of times but after 80miles!!!) but as you can see none of these are the events fault, signage was very good and the marshals excellent, and i'll be back next year for sure only that time i know whats in store...!!! those cheeky last 2 climbs on the 100 route don't seem to feature on the route map but they are there!!!

Got to be honest i know you don't ride a sportive for the goodie bag but I thought it was a bit weak... its a nice glass and the beer was very good (I didn't get anything else.. no cert etc) but having ridden the Dartmoor Classic this year where we all received Medals, T-Shirt, Tube, Bottle, Energy products, wrist bans, Trophy and a book on Dartmoor i was kind of left thing is that it...

That aside it was a great event and i'll be back... Well done guys.

Rated Event: 95.6%

rickallison wrote:

Great event again mist and fog for the first 45 miles, sun came out later
went wrong direction once my fault head down missed the sign.
looking forward to the exmoor beauty in april.

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 97.7% wrote:

I can't praise event and the people behind it enough, everything was in place to make this one of the best Sportives of the year. Well done, I'll certainly be making this a must do every year.

Rated Event: 98.8%


bit better weather than last year did the 100 mile and had a very enjoyable ride. great event well organised up the good work.

Rated Event: 89.9%

Cumbriancyclist wrote:

Probably the worst weather I have ridden in (for a sportive event), and certainly turned the Beast into a memorable day. Watching riders being blown off their bikes is a little disconcerting. Event organisation was excellent, though the feed station at Simonsbath was pretty chaotic. The decision to commute the 100 mile sentence, sorry ride, to 100km was clearly the right one. Scenery was probably amazing but it was difficult to tell through all that weather. Despite all that I think we enjoyed ourselves!

Rated Event: 99.9%


This year's event was one of my least enjoyable rides ever but that was entirely down to the horrendous weather. Everything else was perfect. Well done.

Rated Event: 94.4%


Sad that the weather meant that only the 100km event took place.
Good descision though .
Blown of the bike twice. Maybe bringing the event forward a month would be an idea.

Rated Event: 99.9%



Rated Event: 98.8%


Fantastic organisation and the free issue of sun-block cream worked a treat. I didn't get sunburnt at all !!!!

Rated Event: 67.7%


I had great hopes on my return visit to defeat the 100mile Beast this year - dashed by the weather! I also had great hopes that the issues of last year would be addressed (especially given the fanfare of 'learning from collaboration with the Dartmoor Classic organisers') - but these were somewhat dashed. The first feed stop was chaotic and slow to even just get water, having someone manually refilling the dispensers from carbuoys while we were trying to fill up bottles was frustrating. I think MIG needs to decide - is this supposed to be a sportive where best support is given to those trying to make best time, or an assisted charity ride where it's ok to lose 10-20 minutes of hard-earned time while queuing for mediocre facilities? Not a lot was got for our £27 (though the proper carpark at the start/finish was better than last year!). As for the 'challenging' weather on the day, well that was perfect - it is supposed to be The Exmoor Beast after all!

Rated Event: 86.6%


Would i do this agin probably not. £27.00 entrance fee and not much to show for it at the end apart from a cheap bit of paper and some kind of bag thing. I know this is not the reason why you enter but considering the effort put in to get round it is pretty lame. The Dartmoor Classic was only £2.00 cheaper to enter but aleast you had something reasonable to show for it at the end. Even the cost of the photos from Marathon Photography are on the steep side. Shame because the route is blinding. Just got the feeling my money would better spent.

Rated Event: 86.6%


The most difficult conditions I have ever cycled in, I saw several people blown over, luckily in safe spots. The feed stations were a muddy mess and not very well spaced. The first climb was covered in wet leaves and as a result the majority of riders were reduced to walking. Very dissappointed to only receive a cheap bag and a certificate without my name and time on it. For £27 I would have expected more. The rout is a cracking route and will be back next year to improve my time.

Rated Event: 96.6%


Not even going to put the weather down as an exceptional circumstance as surely that's a given! What a fantastic event, organisation was fantastic, information relayed clearly and appropriately.

The cycling conditions were truly abysmal, but having been keeping an eye on the forecasts up to the day, not entirely unexpected. I would honestly say that it didn't dampen my spirits and would certainly not prevent me from entering another year. The only downside was that as everyone was holding on for dear life for the first 30 miles, it wasn't easy to strike up saddle conversations!!

As has been mentioned several times elsewhere, the climb up Dunkery Hill was something else, it was absolute carnage the whole way up, wish I'd seen the posh lady that was advising people to take care over the cattle grid, I must have been in a truly focused state of mind at that point!

Seeing people being blown across the road in front of me was like something from a disaster movie and I'll be the first to admit to clenching my buttock cheeks all the way down to Lynmouth!

As for the first feed station, okay so it was muddy, but hey, what were people expecting, carpeted living rooms and sofas? To my mind, it added to the slightly surreal nature of the whole experience.

The other surreal moment was bombing along towards the second feed station when the guy a hundred yards ahead of me all of a sudden yanked his left leg away from the bike and I noticed that something was attached to it... it was of course his flamin' crank!! Hope you got back okay mister!

Last few miles were a real blast, the final stretch along to Butlins was a flat out sprint with another chap streamin' behind me. Of course the sun was out at that stage and I didn't want to stop, ho hum!

Just for the record, I like the bag, I have used it on several occasion already, and as Ron mentioned above, it's a lot more practical than a tankard, ta very much!

Looking forward to next year already!

Rated Event: 98.8%


How sad to read the few negative comments below of those who hide behind pseudonyms. I bet a pound to a pinch of horse manure that not one of them is an event organiser, because their statements demonstrate they haven't a clue about what it takes to stage a major sportive. In exceptional circumstances, this was a great event, with the majority of those who took part appreciating the fantastic efforts made by Marcus and his team to overcome the many problems created by the appaling conditions. To describe the certificate as a cheap bit of paper is unfair. Take one to your printer and see what he would charge for that quality of card with a metalically embosed medal incorporated. Those for 'The Beast' cost a fraction under a pound each. Likewise, to describe the "some kind of bag thing" as cheap and no substitute for the tankards previously presented is way out of order. The bags cost more than the tankards and are arguably more useful. They are 'bonk bags' for carrying kit on your back rather than a ruck sack. Again, take one in to your local sports shop and ask what they would be likely to retail for. The feed stations were not "poorly spaced", they were positioned at approximately a third and two thirds distance for the intended 100 mile route, with the first being a bit over half way on the shorter route and the second being a late bonus for those entered for the 100k event. To question what you get for £27 you need to look further than what was presented at the finish. Staging an event on this scale costs thousands of pounds. From venue hire to paramedic teams, broom waggons to feeding station supplies, manpower to fuel bills, timing systems to routing, bike numbers to website maintainance, all are included in the entry fee. However, every rider was given a free road jersey at the finish with a fiver stuck in the back pocket, there would be those who would complain it should have been a tenner! For my part, I am proud to have collaborated with 'The Beast' to have helped with its promotionn, assisted on the week-end and experienced the challenge. Constructive suggestions will always be considered by responsable organisers but whinging jibs by the minority are never acceptable.

Rated Event: 93.2%


Good event for my second Exmoor Beast, weather conditions were dealt with very well.
Good car park (compared to last year) I didn't use the feed stations but noted the first one was over half way (for the 100km) and then another before the end? Seemed a bit poorly spaced.

After getting a tankard and some beer to go in it in 2008 I was dissapointed with a cheap bag this year! As for the certificate............... If they can't be bothered with a medal perhaps a certificate with at least your name and time would be good?

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