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Selby Three Swans Sportive 2014

31/08/2014 - Selby, North Yorkshire - Sportive

Rating: 89.0% based on 23 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 52.2%

kenharris wrote:

better and more feed station with gels and bars with good liquids ie gatorade

Rated Event: 71.1%

KarenChiverall wrote:

good route and easy and hassle free to enter online and start on the day, the weather undoubtedly helped as even though the area is generally flat and fast it can often be quite windy - the only thing I can't seem to find are where the timings are posted?

Rated Event: 77.8%

ashleywalden wrote:

first ever sportive.... will attend again next year - loved it

Rated Event: 84.4%

MarkSmith1 wrote:

A well organised event. Only criticism would be the arrow signs were easy to miss being on a white background. Using a luminous background colour would have helped.

Rated Event: 93.3%

JohnMullins wrote:

An extremely well organised and fun event. Course is quite flat through some very quiet roads. Ideal for somebody who wants to test themselves over a long distance before attempting something with more challenging climbs

Rated Event: 87.8%

juneward wrote:

good overall run very well organised will do next year if able

Rated Event: 84.4%

Heckmondwiketyke wrote:

Really enjoyed the event and will do it again next year without doubt. The 60 mile route was in fact 67, wish I'd known that before I speeded up for what I thought was the last 5 miles that turned out to be the last 13 miles. Loved every minute of it though.

Rated Event: 95.6%

Isabelle wrote:

First time I participated in such an event. I was amazed at the professionalism of all staff involved and how smoothly it was organised. The signposting was great, the staff and volunteers were very motivating and friendly, the feeding station was great and very welcome. Fantastic experience for a 1st timer on a mountain bike.
Thank you to all for making it a great event!

Rated Event: 100.0%

Vuelta Sport wrote:

Great event, friendly team of organisers who were professional throughout.

Rated Event: 83.3%

phook wrote:

A really good day out with scenic start / finish point

Rated Event: 97.8%

Scooby 1 wrote:

Excellent event & well organised. Will be back next year.

Rated Event: 87.8%

LeeWalton wrote:

Great day out. Flat & fast course, but not the most beautiful of scenery, but that can't really be helped! Course organisers were great!

Rated Event: 100.0%

ian wrote:

excellent well organised

Rated Event: 97.8%

IainMccallum wrote:

My first sportive, found everyone helpful and the course very easy to navigate with clear easy signage. Would give it 12 out off 10 if I could. Will be back next year.

Rated Event: 93.3%

AlanGoodwin wrote:

The event was excellent and incredibly well managed, marshalled and signposted. One of the best I've done yet. Selby CC should be proud of themselves. Constructive criticism and very minor grumbles: Would have scored higher for facilities but the queues for the male toilets at feed stop were too long. Feed stops slightly marked down as would have liked energy drink/gels available (partner up with High 5 for example) and could have done with them being spaced out a little differently as 60 miles to 100 miles was tough with no feed stop - I ran out of drinks despite two 750ml bottles. If possible, perhaps have the 100 mile route do 40 miles before the first stop as 25 came around too soon and 60 was too early. 40 and 65-70 would be ideal. Anyway, WELL DONE to all concerned. Worth the journey from Stockton!

Rated Event: 90.0%

RobRyan wrote:

Very fun and enjoyable sportive event.

Rated Event: 88.9%

samanthadrury wrote:

Good route, good day, well sign posted. Could have had jugs of water next to the food in the sports centre

Rated Event: 92.2%

AndyWhitworth wrote:

As a first time sportive rider, this was an excellent starter event and I intend to do it again ! My only criticism, if qualified to make one, was I thought the feed station a bit too small and crowded with a very long queue to use the toilet facilities. Drinks and food well stocked. Overall a very enjoyable event.

Rated Event: 95.6%

MauriceNorth wrote:

A well run and very enjoyable event

Rated Event: 88.9%

RichardBrooks wrote:

A good day pity about the road works around the minster

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