Juice Lubes Chain Juice Ceramic 100ml £9.99

Juice Lubes Chain Juice Ceramic 100ml

This ceramic lube from Juice Lubes is their range topper and is specced for dry to moist conditions, they claim its qualities make it superior to other lubes out there, we think it is pretty good too.

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Chapeau! Hot Coffee & Cream Gift Pack REVIEW £29.99

Chapeau! Hot Coffee & Cream Gift Pack REVIEW

Chapeau! (Exclamation mark mandatory) are 'The people's bicycle club'; their branding is a bold statement with the crisp clean graphics make a nice change to the norm. Their philosophy is based on a quality product at a fair price; they are realistic in product explanations and understated in appearance.

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REVIEW: Finish Line Wet Bike Lubricant 120ml £4.99

REVIEW: Finish Line Wet Bike Lubricant 120ml

The finish line lube is a really good all-rounder for winter months especially. It comes in three different sizes; here is the smallest of the bunch at 120ml. The product claims 'for extreme riding conditions' it is suited to long distance riding and wet, muddy conditions, that'll be the UK at the moment then.

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REVIEW: Polar RCX3 - Bike £184.50

REVIEW: Polar RCX3 - Bike

Training aids are nothing new, by examining and breaking down your precious training time you can maximise the volume or intensity to reach your goals. Some ride by feel alone however looking at what results can be gained by athletes who look very closely at this then it's got to be worth a try. Polar's tagline is 'Listens To Your Body' so they must have some idea about a good training aid.

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REVIEW: Elite Coperton Trainer Tyre £29.99

REVIEW: Elite Coperton Trainer Tyre

It's that time of year, those long dark days sap away at our mental ability to get out on the bike, the frozen roads and icy rain can start to get you down. This Elite Trainer Tyre will make indoor training such a pleasure you could almost say it's enjoyable. Almost.

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REVIEW: dhb Neoprene Glove £26.99

REVIEW: dhb Neoprene Glove

This type of glove is for those rainless Spring and Autumn days; they have just about the right level of thickness to not let your hands get too hot and give good dexterity.

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REVIEW: Elite Ozone Intense Warm Up Gel 150ml £15.99

REVIEW: Elite Ozone Intense Warm Up Gel 150ml

The importance of warming up before intense physical activity is well known, that ability to give full exertion helps with a slow and steady warm up. For me this usually takes place over the first 20-30 minutes of a ride. If you take part in racing or want to ride in especially cold conditions where a warm up may not be available you're able to use some products to stimulate this.

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REVIEW: San Marco Concor Racing £99.99

REVIEW: San Marco Concor Racing

The lineage of this goes back to 1978 when the Concor was first sent into production, the list of victories that this saddle has helped to achieve is huge. This design was so far ahead of the competition that many athletes using rival saddles actually rebranded a Concor unit with their sponsors logos as they wanted to use one so much.

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REVIEW: Giro Merino Winter Cap £27.99

REVIEW: Giro Merino Winter Cap

No one likes a cold head, along with your feet, hands and bum it is an important area to keep warm. We all know the old rule about heat loss through your head and in the depths of winter keeping that heat in is more important than ever.

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REVIEW: The Wattbike £2,250.00 Recommended

REVIEW: The Wattbike

For most of us, the mere mention of training with power conjures up images of elite professional cyclists and expensive power meters well beyond the reach of your everyday sportive rider. Not so with The Wattbike, which was created in conjunction with British Cycling to provide an affordable indoor bike for training and testing.

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REVIEW: M:Part Micro CO2 Pump £3.66

REVIEW: M:Part Micro CO2 Pump

We know that we simply have to carry them; it is part of being a cyclist. They are a necessary evil, the M:Part Micro CO2 pump makes this the experience slightly less evil and is, in fact a joy to use.

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REVIEW: OneLife Squadra iD £22.99 Recommended

REVIEW: OneLife Squadra iD

The OneLife iD band is, well, a band, it won't make you ride faster or increase power output by ten percent it is there to help you keep safe. It is simple in design and can let others around you know who you are in the event of an accident.

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REVIEW: Garmin Edge 800 £349.99 Recommended

REVIEW: Garmin Edge 800

I've always been impressed with the GPS offerings from Garmin, having had both the Garmin Edge 705 and the smaller more compact Garmin Edge 500. I was very keen to try out the Garmin Edge 800, Garmin's newest offering, their most feature packed GPS device, and also their most expensive, writes Todd Hooper.

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REVIEW: pOcpac iPac £6.99

REVIEW: pOcpac iPac

The pOcpac iPac cycling pouch is a simple product with a pretty simple aim. It is a pouch for your rear jersey pocket, which holds your expensive touchscreen phone and lets you use it at the same time.

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REVIEW: Cateye TL-LD610 Rear Light £24.99

REVIEW: Cateye TL-LD610 Rear Light

With those warm evenings on their way, a two hour training loop can turn into a rather dim affair. We like any light that's durable, won't hurt the wallet and will help keep us safe. This super bright Cateye TL-LD610 rear light ticks all the boxes.

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