Archive REVIEW: Cyclefit Fondo Tour of the Marshes REVIEW: Cyclefit Fondo Tour of the Marshes

Here's a moral; never allow yourself to be so conceited as to look at a ride, which has a seemingly flat(ish) profile and expect it to be easy!  The inaugural Cyclefit Fondo Tour of the Marsh route was an arduous yet serenely beautiful experience. That said, riding into head winds and cross winds offer as much fun as grabbing hold of an electrified fence, writes Mark Tearle for

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5 years in, and the Southern Sportive has been established as an absolute classic. It could be considered as the Paris-Roubaix of the UK Cyclosportives (substitute French cobblestones for West Sussex pot holes), maybe? For me completing the Southern Sportive is the yardstick for measuring my fitness and endurance at the end of the cycling season. This year I was taking on the full 155km route! writes Mark Tearle for

Read More » REVIEW: The Winchester 100 REVIEW: The Winchester 100

This was a wonderful ride which was perfect in every way. It wasn't unduly taxing but fresh with its own challenges (including the extra 4 miles on the 100).  The route was well considered and very well marked with various points of interest shared on the route sheet, and for rider safety busier junctions were marshalled by friendly volunteers, writes Mark Tearle.

Read More » BLOG: Summer Review by Howard Johnson BLOG: Summer Review by Howard Johnson

The cycling season slowly draws to an end and the warm weather slinks away, Howard Johnson looks back over his summer of Sportives. "That is it, summer is over - not officially - but the kids are back to school, and there is a nip in the air in the mornings. Time to dig out the thermal gear and tights soon. I'll soon be planning for next season too, so where has this season gone?"

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They say you should never meet your heroes. When I was a lad, and sprinting for signs, I always wanted to look like Johan van de Velde, slim lanky with long hair and when I won I always wanted to sprint like Sean Kelly, he was my hero. So when you get the opportunity to meet one of THE all time greats of cycling, you don't turn it down, Howard Johnson writes for

Read More » REVIEW: Burgess Hill Rumble REVIEW: Burgess Hill Rumble describes the word 'Rumble' as 'to have or take part in a street fight between or among teenage gangs'. In the case of the Burgess Hill Rumble, the fight was between me and the course through West and East Sussex, Ashdown Forest and Kent - it was very clear from just looking at the map who would be the likely victor, reports Mark Tearle for

Read More » REVIEW: Etape Hibernia by Scott Taylor REVIEW: Etape Hibernia by Scott Taylor

Now, I didn't know it, but there's something special about riding a bike in County Clare. Lonely Planet have Clare up there as one of the world's top ten cycling destinations - Over the past few years, I have ridden a few damn good sportives - Northern Rock Cyclone, Etape De Tour, Etape Caledonia, Wicklow 200 and now the inaugral Etape Hibernia - And the Hibernia is up there rubbing shoulders with them already, writes Scott Taylor for

Read More » REVIEW: Howard's New Forest Rattler REVIEW: Howard's New Forest Rattler

Some events on the sportive calendar are "must do" events for many reasons, super hard, extra long, extremely hilly, or simply just well organised. If you are new to sportives and want a challenge, or want a friendly event to ease you into the sportive scene, you can do no wrong in choosing the New Forest Rattler, writes Howard Johnson.

Read More » REVIEW: Mark Tearle's New Forest Rattler REVIEW: Mark Tearle's New Forest Rattler

On a rather wind-swept and frankly quite miserable morning on the Sunday of 22nd August I took the bike out of the car.  One look at the surroundings of Moyles Court School (today's registration, start and finish location) any thoughts of a slog in the rain, and getting damp and cold, soon disappeared and I felt inspired, writes Mark Tearle.

Read More » REVIEW: Woodcote Sunday Sportive REVIEW: Woodcote Sunday Sportive

The previously wet weather and getting lost en route to the start line didn't dampen the appeal of the Woodcote Sunday Sportive. "Woodcote is the penultimate event in the Sunday Sportive series on the Southern Sportive Calendar; this seriously hard ride did not disappoint," Mark Tearle writes.

Read More » REVIEW: Le Col Mariana Clothing REVIEW: Le Col Mariana Clothing

Back in February we reviewed Le Col's range of winter clothing, which we liked very much. Back then, Le Col was a new brand looking to establish itself in the discerning market. Six months on, the brand seems to have caught on with the profile being raised considerably. On test for the summer was the Le Col Mariana jersey (RRP: £99.99) and the matching Le Col Mariana bib shorts (RRP: £124.99), they're not cheap but functionality lives up to the expectation, writes Adam Tranter.

Read More » REVIEW: JerseyBin Waterproof Pouch REVIEW: JerseyBin Waterproof Pouch

I get a little bit too excited when I can use or adapt a mainstream product into a cycling-specific one. The frequent problem of keeping your wallet or mobile phone dry has been combated, relatively efficiently, by using a clear plastic bag. I'd never thought of doing anything else. That is, until I received the JerseyBin. It's a heavy-duty waterproof cycling pouch, which is re-sealable and aims to keep your valuables safe, writes Adam Tranter.

Read More » REVIEW: A Race for Madmen by Chris Sidwells REVIEW: A Race for Madmen by Chris Sidwells

Chris Sidwells' book, A Race for Madmen: The Extraordinary History of the Tour de France, is a biography - but not of just one person. It's a biography of the race itself, and in telling the life story of an event spanning over 100 years, it encapsulates the lives of some of the characters that have made the Tour legendary, writes Holly Blades.

Read More » REVIEW: Endura Helium Jacket REVIEW: Endura Helium Jacket

The Helium Jacket, created by Endura, has received positive reviews since it's release. tested out the jacket in road races and club runs in all types of weather to see whether, in this instance, it really is worth saving up for a rainy day.

Read More » REVIEW: The Tour de France 2010 REVIEW: The Tour de France 2010

Stephen Roche and's Holly Blades take one final look back at the past three weeks of the Tour de France 2010, the highlights, the lowlights, and how the outcome bodes for the next year's racing on the pro-circuit. Find out Roche's thoughts on Mark Cavendish's performance, the controversies that made the headlines, and what the future holds for three time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador.

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