Archive REVIEW: Tour of Flanders Sportive 2010 REVIEW: Tour of Flanders Sportive 2010

What could we do to celebrate the 40th year of an old has been track rider who can't climb hills and is not keen on road races that go much above 50 miles?  Ride the length of Italy perhaps? Enjoy the sunshine of summertime France at the Etape?  Or how about 250km of rain, headwind, cobbles, brutally steep hills and the mercury barely into double figures?  Perfect. Tour of Flanders it is then, thought Chris Bush.

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Let's face it, readers, road cycling is a tarty sport. The pursuit of bike bling is at times only marginally less important than actually being any good on a bike. Mstina's Lightweight gloves look like something straight out of The Official Rules of the Euro Cyclist (if you are unaware of The Rules, google them). Are these gloves any good, though? Phil Sheehan finds out.

Read More » REVIEW: Verenti Cheshire Cat REVIEW: Verenti Cheshire Cat

When in November someone in the Sabbath Bicycles office spotted that the Cheshire Cat sportive passed literally within 50 yards of our car park it wasn't long before an office day out was being planned, entry forms being sent off and I was making unwise claims about form being temporary and class lasting forever. By the beginning of March, and a full nine hours of riding clocked for the whole year, I was beginning to backtrack, writes Greg Roche.

Read More » REVIEW: Cycle MK Sportive REVIEW: Cycle MK Sportive

Race Timing Systems in partnership with Team MK were to have the sportive as part of the MK Cycle Festival, however the festival was cancelled, but thankfully the sportives remained in place, writes Howard Johnson. With two distances the Codebreaker Sportive 100km and the Colossus Sportive 100mile, the weather was bright, sunny but a little windy; a lot better than this time last year when it was 0C and freezing fog.

Read More » REVIEW: KASK C-50 Vertigo Helmet REVIEW: KASK C-50 Vertigo Helmet

There'll be plenty of attention on what those marginal-gains-seeking innovators at Team Sky are wearing this season. Top marks to those of you who've picked out what lids Dave Brailsford's men have been sporting. Kask, an Italian manufacturer supplies Team Sky with its top of the range C-50 Vertigo model, Phil Sheehan puts it to the test.

Read More » REVIEW: MSTINA Bodyfit Baselayer REVIEW: MSTINA Bodyfit Baselayer

The humble baselayer will have saved many cyclists from the cold this winter. I've got a heap of them, but there's one that stands out from the crowd as my favourite. The MSTINA Bodyfit baselayer does exactly as it suggests, and hugs your body to provide a fantastic, warm and snug fit, writes Adam Tranter.

Read More » REVIEW: Jodrell Bank Sportive REVIEW: Jodrell Bank Sportive

Nestled in the leafy lanes of Cheshire is the Jodrell Bank radio telescope, a 76 metre white dish pointing out into the cosmos. It's used for tracking space probes and searching deep into outer space for cosmic research, it can now be linked to the Jodrell Bank Sportive, the season's early leg warmer for events on a worldlier horizon, writes Howard Johnson.

Read More » REVIEW: Etxeondo 3-in-1 Winter Hat REVIEW: Etxeondo 3-in-1 Winter Hat

It's fair to say that getting excited about a woolly hat is rather difficult. I was of that opinion, until I received the Etxeondo 3-in-1 Winter Hat, available from Prendas and as used by some bloke called Alberto Contador. With a drawstring at the top, it can act as a scarf, a neck and face buff as well as a winter hat. And it's rapidly becoming one of my favourite pieces of kit, writes Adam Tranter.

Read More » REVIEW: Le Col Clothing REVIEW: Le Col Clothing

When the batch of Le Col clothing first hit the desk, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd heard of Le Col, but only because I've had my ear to the ground. It's a relatively small set up, headed up by former professional cyclist Yanto Barker, but Le Col has the style and quality to mount a challenge to the big players, writes Adam Tranter.

Read More » REVIEW: Magnus Maximus Coffee REVIEW: Magnus Maximus Coffee

For many cyclists, coffee is a religion. It seems logical then, for Paris-Roubaix winner Magnus Backstedt, to set up his own coffee brand to help fund the development of young cyclists. It's a smooth taste with a relatively forceful kick, I opted for the ground espresso option which is an ideal wake up, and has sent me out the door invigorated before a few training rides.

Read More » REVIEW: Garmin Edge 705 REVIEW: Garmin Edge 705

The Garmin Edge 705 is a piece of equipment that hardly needs an introduction. It's been securely fastened to the handlebars of professional cyclists, fitness enthusiasts, adventure-seekers and of course, sportive riders for a while now. But unlike lots of products in cycling, it's something that hardly existed a decade ago, explains Adam Tranter.

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FIRST LOOK: BMC Street Racer SR01 (£1399.99)

FIRST LOOK: BMC Street Racer SR01 (£1399.99)

It's very easy for manufacturers to produce a bike at a mid-range £1500 price point that'll boast the quality components that buyers are familiar with, but often they lack zest or flamboyance in design. The BMC isn't guilty of that, but will the ride quality match the Swiss company's intuitive design ideas? editor Adam Tranter takes a first look.

Read More » REVIEW: Les m©moires du peloton 2010 Calendar REVIEW: Les m©moires du peloton 2010 Calendar

Prendas Ciclismo has been selling functional and often quirky cycling goods for fourteen years now. The latest Les m©moires du peloton 2010 Calendar is exclusive to the Dorset-based online retailer, and features some fantastic photographs from yesteryear.

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Le Col isn't necessarily a brand you'll have heard of yet. But a brief look at the branding behind the range, and Le Col's slogan "cycling apparel for the discerning", it's pretty clear which market they're going for.'s Adam Tranter gives his first impressions of the winter range which will be tested over the next month.

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The Time Crunched Cyclist

The Time Crunched Cyclist

Lance Armstrong's personal cycling coach, Chris Carmichael, has released an innovative approach to training this autumn, months after 7-time Tour de France winner Armstrong raced to a third place finish in his comeback Tour. The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Fit, Fast, and Powerful in 6 Hours a Week presents a new way to achieve competitive fitness and power without the impossible time demands of traditional training methods

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