Torq Energy Gels £24.00

Torq Energy Gels

Torq have made some great gels over the years, including my previous all time favourite Rhubarb and Custard. Not resting on their flavoursome laurels though, they keep coming up with more delectable options to fuel your runs and rides. The cake inspired duo of Cherry Bakewell and Lemon Drizzle are great, with the citrus tang of the lemon especially good as it really helps to cut through the sweetness. These massive flavour hits also come without artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. These gels aren't just about great taste though. The texture makes them easy to gulp down, they deliver 5 key electrolytes and each gel provides a decent 30g carbohydrate hit in an easily absorbed 2:1 maltodextrin to fructose ratio. Most impressive though is that Torq have managed to topple their Rhubarb and Custard from the top of my gel taste chart. Their new Caramel Latte is incredible, crafted using real coffee and packs 89mg of caffeine. For a tasty kick up the backside in the last hour of a tough ride, it's just the gel you're looking for.

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Stealth Vegan Recovery Protein Drink Mix £25.00

Stealth Vegan Recovery Protein Drink Mix

Whether you're vegan or dairy intolerant, non-whey recovery and protein products have, until recently, been hard to find and unpleasant to consume. I'm still orally scarred by a hemp based product that I was unfortunate to try a couple of years ago. So I approached my first sampling of this pea and rice protein mix with a degree of trepidation. It mixed well in a shaker with 400ml of water, resulting in a smooth, lump free and appetising smelling mint chocolate drink. It tasted good too, with the mint adding a really refreshing note. From a recovery perspective, it delivers all you need after a hard workout; 19.5g of carbohydrates, 20g of complete protein, key electrolytes and a decent dose of B vitamins. Importantly it gives you all this without artificial sweeteners or flavourings. I'd go so far to say that I actually look forward to it post-workout and, since getting it, my usual whey based drinks have sat gathering dust.

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SIS Beta fuel £30.00

SIS Beta fuel

When Chris Froome made his race winning epic ride on Stage 19 of the 2018 Giro d'Italia, SIS Beta Fuel played a key role fuelling his effort. Delivering 80g of carbohydrate from a single 500ml serving, it's a great option for fuelling long rides, SIS say over 2.5 hours, from your bottle alone. This can be great for sportives as you just need to few sachets in your pockets and are then only reliant on water at aid stations. Using a 2:1 maltodextrin/fructose ratio to maximise absorption, it's also isotonic and pH neutral to minimise gastric distress. I was initially skeptical about getting all the fuel I needed from just one 500ml bottle an hour but, on a number of long rides, including ones of four and five hours in Tenerife, I felt strong, well fuelled and hydrated. I also found it brilliant on grim winter rides when, togged up with full gloves etc, getting to and opening food is a real faff.

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REVIEW: Stealth Training Mix £22.50 Recommended

REVIEW: Stealth Training Mix

Maintaining your energy levels whether you're training, racing or just riding is important if you want to get the most out of your activity. You don't want to be on course for a PB or a good result and find you run out of gas before the finish. So how can you maintain decent levels? 

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Secret Training Stealth Juice Bar Recommended

Secret Training Stealth Juice Bar

Is it an energy bar or is it an energy gel? Not a question you'd think you have answer but thanks to Secret Training you now have the dilemma. Their Stealth energy range has been expanding, thanks in part to their innovation and the feedback gleaned from professional teams such as Tinkoff Saxo (now defunct when owner Oleg Tinkov pulled out of the sport), JLT and Madison Genesis who they are official suppliers to. 

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Secret Training Stealth Advanced Isotonic Energy Gel £1.25

Secret Training Stealth Advanced Isotonic Energy Gel

Cyclosport's Caven O'Hara treats his palate with Secret Training's Stealth Advanced Isotonic Energy Gels.

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Etixx Raspberry & Kiwi Recovery Shake £2.99

Etixx Raspberry & Kiwi Recovery Shake

Cyclosport's Sarah Lewis has a bit of fun with the very pink and very tasty Raspberry and Kiwi Protein Recovery Drink from Etixx.

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Etixx Energy Bar + Magnesium £1.99

Etixx Energy Bar + Magnesium

Cyclosport's Sarah Lewis seems rather taken with the new Etixx Energy Sport Bars with added Magnesium - if only there was more of it!

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REVIEW: Clif Bar Nutrition Range Recommended

US Flag REVIEW: Clif Bar Nutrition Range

Cyclosport's Jennifer Trotman, a notoriously fussy sportive eater, gives her verdict on the Clif Bar range of nutrition products, including: Clif Builders, Clif Bars, Clif Shot Gels and Clif Shot Bloks. It would be fair to say she's impressed with what she finds...

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REVIEW: SiS Mint Chocolate REGO Protein Bar £1.99

REVIEW: SiS Mint Chocolate REGO Protein Bar

Having tested out the first REGO Protein Bar from Science in Sport (SiS) earlier this year, Cyclosport's Sarah Lewis reviews their latest tasty offering - mint chocolate - which is also designed to aid recovery after intense exercise.

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REVIEW: SiS REGO Protein Bar £1.99 Recommended

REVIEW: SiS REGO Protein Bar

Cyclosport's Sarah Lewis samples the rather delicious Chocolate and Peanut SiS REGO Protein Bar - the first bar from the SiS REGO range, with all other protein coming in the form of drinks or gels.

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REVIEW: Elivar - Sports Nutrition for Over 35s Recommended

REVIEW: Elivar - Sports Nutrition for Over 35s

Browse any cycling retailer's nutrition section and you'll discover a crowded market place. Cyclosport's Caven O'Hara tries out Elivar - a product carving out its own niche aimed specifically at over 35s.

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REVIEW: SiS GO Energy Bars £1.00 Recommended

REVIEW: SiS GO Energy Bars

Science in Sport has been a major name in the field of sports nutrition and hydration since its founding in 1992. Cyclosport's Sarah Lewis checks out their latest offering in the energy bar market.

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REVIEW: MuleBar Kicks Energy Gels £19.00

REVIEW: MuleBar Kicks Energy Gels

Cyclosport's Nick Gregory tries out the MuleBar Kicks Energy Gel to see how it fares in an increasingly crowded market.

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